Inspiration at the Library

Every once in a while a book comes into our house that inspires action. It has actually happened quite a bit this summer. This week it was the Big Book of Things to Draw. (Affiliate link) The pictures are gorgeous and inviting. The artwork is so simple to follow. Little M sat down for hours and drew, and drew, and drew. 

She came to me one day with two books that she had made and said…. wait I think I’ll let her tell you. This kid’s activity guest post was designed, carried out and written for you by my Little M. Enjoy! 


I looked at this book and it inspired me to do the horses in it. If you look at the monkeys it inspired me to make a snowman and a snow girl. But you can choose to draw any pictures.


I drew and drew and drew until I had 55 pages. Then I made a book.  Then I saw that I could make two books, one that was straight up and one that was sideways. I gave one to my Mom.  She wrote words in hers. While my Mom was gone I got inspired to write inside the pages of the other one.

post2 (2)

I made a chatterbox (up in the picture) and I saw that my Mom did a different chatterbox. I did not know what she was drawing. She made a box that talked. I wondered what it was, but I did not know. She said “When I am done I will tell you”. Then when she was done I saw that the green circle leaves were actually not leaves. They were a bubbles for the words. Now I know that every single other person is different.

I showed my family what I was doing.


And then I took it to the library because I was going to hide it inside the books. I wanted to give something to the little kids because I wanted to be nice to them. I also wanted to give them the idea that they could make one too.

We attached a note to the book so they would know to take it.



We went back to the library and we checked. And they were not there. “Somebody has taken them” I said.

It was so much fun working with Little M on this post. She dictated the activity to me and I typed it out. I did ask her a few questions to get the flow moving, but other than that this is her baby. I didn’t want to add anything in the explanation so if you have questions please ask. This activity was really fun and we both enjoyed the experience of leaving surprise inspiration. She couldn’t wait to get back to find out if the books were where we left them. 


Little M is a funny 6-year-old who loves fancy dresses, notebooks and bugs. (In no particular order.) Her brother and her cousins are her very best friends. She thinks words are fascinating and enjoys learning new ones.  She sings beautiful songs that she makes up. Mom and Dad are her biggest fans… and always will be.


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