Creative Halloween Writing Activity

A while back I came across a really great idea for turning an old picture frame into a writing practice tool. All you do is put writing paper inside instead of a picture, offer your little one some dry erase markers and voila… they can write their little hearts out. (I think everything might be more fun with markers!)

I’ve been working on adding Halloween everywhere. I’ve put Halloween jokes for kids in their lunch boxes and in the kids’ art area I decided our dry erase board could use a little spooky writing practice! That is how this creative Halloween writing activity was born.

Halloween writing activity sheets. Easy to make and fun for the kids.

Preparing this Halloween Writing Activity

  • I used a few sheets from our Melissa Doug Storytelling Paper Pad. I love that they provide space for pictures and writing. (This is an affiliate link. Thanks for supporting A Mom with a Lesson Plan.)
  • Making sure the kids had options of how to use these pages, I made each one a little different. I drew a picture on some (can you see I am a true artist ;)) leaving space for them to fill in the words. On others I wrote a sentence and left the picture blank.
  • After playing with the dry erase board for a while, Little M requested a blank sheet. Brilliant! Now why didn’t I think of that?
  • I made sure to include a few of Little M’s sight words, as well as words I know Big M needs to practice.

Halloween writing activity sheets. Easy to make and fun for the kids.

Using a glass frame could be dangerous. Make sure your little one can carefully handle it and supervise closely. 

This post originally appeared October 4, 2012. These Halloween writing sheets are in with my holiday stuff and will continue to come out every year.


    1. Amelia,
      The glass is in the frame the entire time. That way the kids can use dry erase markers on the glass and wipe it clean. I love the idea of hanging it on the wall!

  1. I love this Jillian! I use an empty frame in my kitchen and put some scrapbook paper in it to write my grocery list and dinner menu on, I like the idea of using this for children as well. Having different surfaces for them to write on really does keep it interesting for them!

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