On The Go Writing Prompts for Kids

This year we are doing a lot of running around after school. It’s quite different than the downtime we’re used to. With Big M playing baseball and Little M joining in a local play, we find ourselves rushing from school to activities. We also seem to have quite a bit of wait time for the kid who is not participating that day.

I’ve been trying to bring along fun things to entertain them. When I came across this pretty little notebook, I knew it would fit perfectly in my purse. It has now been transformed into an on the go writing prompt journal for the kids. (I’m going to do my best to write the name and date of each stories author. When it’s full of stories it will make a great keepsake.)

9 fun writing prompts for kids

9 Writing Prompts for Kids

I wrote out nine writing prompts using three different structures. I left 4 pages in between each writing prompt (I hope that was enough). All that’s left is to place our new writing prompt journal and a few sharp pencils into my purse.

Use these sentences to start your story.

  1. Mrs. Snifflebottom loved the small town of Marin and the town loved her. Day after day she went into the town…
  2. The light breeze suddenly turned into a strong wind. I watched from the window as…
  3. Green grass under his bare feet and a broken kite string in his hand, Darren started to run. He ran and ran until…

Start at the end. Make a story that ends with this sentence.

  1. And that is the reason you should never walk backward in the rain while wearing ballet slippers.
  2. After all was said and done, there wasn’t a sound to be heard in the entire school.
  3. I waved to Mom and walked confidently onto the field.

Imagine the situation and write a story about what you would do.

  1. After hearing the doorbell ring, you find a bag with 1 million dollars on your front porch.
  2. You wake up one morning and your skin is BLUE! It won’t wash off.
  3. Your best friend moves to another state.

Do you have favorite writing prompts or writing activities? Share them in the comments. 

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