D.I.Y Dry Erase Board and 4 ways to use it

How to Make a DIY Dry Erase Board

A while back I came across a really great idea for turning an old picture frame into a writing practice tool. All you do is put writing paper inside instead of a picture, offer your little one some dry erase markers and voila… they can write their little hearts out. (I think everything might be more fun with markers!)

How to use your DIY Dry Erase BoardDIY Dry Erase Board

Around Halloween I used our dry erase board to add a little writing practice to our art center. Some of the papers inserted into the frame had writing, some had pictures. Changing the theme, holiday or season would be really easy with this one!

 DIY Dry Erase BoardI think our dry erase board gets the most use as a score board. We play a lot of games that require someone to keep score. This is an easy way to do it and keeps us from having a ton of papers to throw away!

 DIY Dry Erase BoardThe dry erase board is a great way to practice sight words. For this activity Little M was writing sentences using her sight words and then drawing a picture to match.

 DIY Dry Erase Board

We’ve used our dry erase board for Hangman and Tic Tac Toe as well. I drew the game board with a black marker on a sheet of paper and put it inside the frame. Then we use dry erase to play again and again.

How do you use your dry erase board?

Using a glass frame could be dangerous. Make sure your little one can carefully handle it and supervise closely. 



  1. You know those little felt stick-on circles for the bottoms of furniture? They make great dry-erase pen erasers! You just stick it on and go! Used dryer sheets are my favorite, and super cheap, eraser – and it seems to work well on laminated papers!

  2. What about the glass? Do you ever have any concerns about small children breaking the glass in the frame they are writing on?

    1. Thanks for the reminder. I meant to put a disclaimer on this. I haven’t had any problems and my kids use it freely BUT of course it is glass. There is always a chance of it breaking. Replacing the glass with plexi glass might work.

  3. These are some great ideas. We use a whiteboard for practicing letters a lot, but I love the way you used the whiteboard for writing practice at your art center. I love the idea of having words to draw a picture to and vice versa. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. You can also do this with plastic folders, the ones that have openings in the top that you can slide in a paper. I slide in what ever we are working on, abc’s, numbers, etc. Easily wiped off, don’t have to worry about breaking, and its super easy to switch out the paper.

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