Counting with Toddlers… 5 simple tips

Counting is a basic math activity that will help give your toddler the confidence to try more complex math concepts later on. It’s fun and easy to add counting into your everyday play… I’ll show you!

Toddler math activity

Counting with Toddlers

1. The easiest way to teach counting is to count. All the time. Count while your little one is playing, walking, climbing stairs, eating… just count.

2. Sing counting songs.

Five Green and Speckled Frogs
Spaceship Song
Ten in the Bed
Once I Caught a Fish Alive

3. Read counting books. (This list contains affiliate links).

Little Quack
Ten in the Bed
How Many Feet in the Bed
Ten Little Ladybugs

4. Kids will self correct. Let the numbers fall where they will and don’t worry about correcting the order. Just make sure that you are counting correctly and before you know it your little one will catch on.

5. Counting out loud and counting objects are two different skills. Make sure to practice both!

Math Activity List (perfect for toddlers)

Measuring with Legos (or Duplos)
Shape Patterns
Count and Move
Bottle Top Count and Match
Learning Patterns with Blocks


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