Creative Kid Table Week 10: Mirrors and Dry Erase Markers

I can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks and the Creative Kid Table is coming to an end! I have loved sharing these creative table prompts and it seems like all of you have found them very useful. YAY!

great creative prompt - mirrors and dry erase markers

This one is probably going to involve a little more prep then the others. Even if you have to round up materials, it’s well worth it! You’ll just have to trust me on that.

Creative Kid Table Week 10: Mirrors and Dry Erase Markers

Tips for successful creative play:

  • Find some mirrors. I bought ours at the local craft store but any mirror will work. Big mirrored closet doors are great or the bathroom mirror.
  • Provide different size dry erase markers and dry erase crayons.
  • Once the creative play has died down a bit, use the mirror to play Tic-Tac-Toe or another drawing game.

Questions to get your kids started:

  • “Lean your face in front of the mirror while you draw. Can you add sunglasses? Can you decorate your face?”
  • “Place an object on the mirror. Can you trace it? What can you make with the new design?”

A few more ways to use dry erase:

  • Write out chores on the mirrored closet door in a checklist. It’s a fun way to share what needs to be done.
  • Make a dry erase board with an old picture frame. Here are 4 ways to have fun with dry erase.

Have you ever tried writing on mirrors with dry erase?

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