Easter Spelling Words with Plastic Eggs

It’s almost Easter!  Which means there are plastic Easter eggs all over our house. Naturally that means it’s time for some Easter spelling word practice! Fun, fun fun!

When you finish this activity, make a Pop Up Easter Card and encourage your little one to add a spelling word!

Easter Spelling Words Game - how fun!

I wrote out Big M’s spelling words on construction paper.  Each word got its own color.  Then I cut them into pieces. One letter per square.  Little M helped me put one letter into each Easter egg… then she got busy hiding the eggs.

Easter Spelling Words Game - how fun!

Easter Spelling Words Game

The process for this game was very simple.

1.  Find the eggs.
2.  Sort the colored paper.
3.  Unscramble the word.
4.  Check your work.

 Tip:  Big M has been working on these words already.  If this was a first or second practice session I would have given him the card so he could unscramble the word with help.

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