Creative Kids Lego Challenge

Happy Saturday! We loved looking at the Lego Flags you created and the stories that went along with them. Enjoy looking through all of the entries and then read my request at the bottom of this post!

CKLC #6 – Build a Lego Flag

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Mauritius flag created by Daniel S (Age 7). I am half British and half Sourh Afrucan but I was born in Mauritius so thought I would make that flag. I love the bright colours of the Mauritius flag (but I struggled to find the green pieces because I am colour blind!!).

IMG_3531 (1)

Spanish Flag created by Carlos (Age 5). I was born in Germany but my mom comes from Spain, that’s why I have done the Spanish flag. I have also a soccer T-shirt with the Spanish flag that I wear when I watch Spanish soccer games.


The Santa Ho Ho Ho Flag created by Skylar (Age 8). One day Santa’s elves wanted to give him a present for Christmas. “We’ll make him a Ho Ho Ho flag!” said the elves. And they got started. When it was Christmas they gave it to him. The end.

See the rest of the Lego Flag entries.

I’m taking a little vacation this week but that doesn’t mean the building has to stop! Go through the challenges and do any that you missed… or do your favorite one again! When you submit your entry make sure to tell me which challenge you are submitting for. You will find links for all the challenges below.

I would also love for you to give me some ideas for future Creative Kids Lego Challenges. Fill out the form below with 2 or 3 ideas of how we can get creative with Legos. (I will do my best to use these ideas over the next few months!)

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One Comment

  1. Hi there,

    I absolutely ADORE these Creative Lego Challenges!! 🙂 Hope to share them next month on my parenting page when we have a Celebrating Crafts, Creativity & Connections theme. Inviting you and your fans to come check us out and share our parenting tidbits and tips – see you there!! 🙂

    Back to blocks; I love them but need inspiration to bring mine and my boys’ hands and ideas to life so this challenge is really neat and gives great ideas to visualize and implement. That said, I have to sadly admit that we don’t have LEGO but just ordinary blocks at hand. The LEGO sets that are sold here in the Middle East are all themed sets that are quite expensive but which do not have the simple cuboid/cube/long-shaped blocks that you would find in a regular set.

    I am interested in ordering a basic LEGO set preferably off the net and thought to consult you for your opinion. Have you ever bought LEGO online? And what is the basic sort of set you invested in and what was its charge? Or do you have any other suggestions for me?

    Thank you so much for your time and cooperation. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    With warm wishes,

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