Creative Kid Lego Challenge #2: Build a Lego Home

Last week we kicked off the very first Creative Kid Lego Challenge. YAHOO! We received an awesome response. As of right now there are 24 Lego Cars in the CKLC Gallery. Each challenge will have it’s own gallery and your builder is welcome to submit an entry to any challenge at anytime {features will only be chosen from the current challenge}.

CKLC #1: Build a Lego Car Features

Boy was it hard to choose! M, M and I sat and read through each story, talking about each creation. What a fun perk for us! We narrowed it down to these three. (Trust me it was not an easy decision.)

Creative Kids Lego Challenge - A Mom with a Lesson Plan

The Water Splash created by Taylor (Age 6). The Water Splash gives water to people who don’t have water. It drives all around California delivering water.

Creative Kids Lego Challenge - A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Chipper Truck created by Steffan Rees (Age 4). It’s a chipper truck – wood goes in the blue and yellow hole and chippings come out the other side. The blue top is to protect it. Dust comes out too, all around. The man driving it is called Chippers Reeser Rees and the seat on the back is for another man, called Three Trees Chipper Rees – he puts the wood in. Both of the men live in a house called Chipper Rees.

Creative Kids Lego Challenge - A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Nemo’s Big Bus created by Owen (age 10). There was a group of people that were angry at the economy, so they saved their money by taking the bus to save on gas.

Creative Kids Lego Challenge - Build a Lego Home

CKLC #2: Build a Lego Home

This week Big M is handing out the challenge to Build a Lego Home. There are all types of homes (and of course you are welcome to get creative… humans are not the only ones with homes! 😉 ) All we ask is that your creation is accompanied by a story. You can read the rules and fill out the submission form here.

Happy building!

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