CKLC #3: Blue Lego Bricks Only

Oops… we may have gone a little too far making week two a Build a Lego Home challenge. Even the challenge creator didn’t get one done in time. Oh well… as with any creative endeavor we’ve learned and tweaked and are coming back strong. This week’s challenge won’t be quite so big.

CKLC #2: Build a Lego Home Features

I am excited to announce that three creators did work on the challenge! And their creations and stories will be this week’s feature. Thank you Caedmon, Daniel and David! Very nice Lego Homes.

Creative Kids Lego Challenge -- a new challenge everyweek

Shoe Castle created by Caedmon (Age 9). Once upon a time the little old lady decided that the shoe was too crammed and got all of the new shoe updates.

Creative Kids Lego Challenge -- a new challenge everyweek

Opening House created by Daniel (Age 7.11) & David (Age 6). This house has a special feature. One side of the roof pivots up so you can move the people around. It has two levels. The top level is for the office. The bottom level is for TV, bedroom, lounge, bathroom, kitchen and other accessories. It has solar panels, stepping stones and a screen door.

Creative Kids Lego Challenge -- a new challenge everyweek

CKLC #3: Blue Lego Bricks Only

For the Creative Kids Lego Challenge week 3, you’ll have to do a tiny bit of prep work. Pull out a big pile of blue pieces. Light blue, navy blue, bright blue; as long as it’s blue, add it to the pile. Once you have your blue pile, your all set. Build away, see what happens. Just start building or make a plan first. Make up a story while you build or wait until the end to see what type of story your creation inspires. Then head over to submissions page and share your work!

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