Our Creative Table {and why you’ll want one too!}

Where do your kids go to be creative? Is there a special creative space just for them? We have a kid’s art table, but in truth it’s more of a creative kid table. Sure art happens there a lot, but so do many other things. It’s probably the most used space in the entire house… and probably the most important.

It’s the creative table that M and M gravitate to before school, in the midst of play and on the weekend. It’s there that they make and carry out plans. They explore and experiment with materials and ideas. It’s creativity at its finest and it happens all the time.

Love this creative table and tips for making one at home.

Why our Creative Table Works

  • Creativity can happen anytime. If there is a spare minute, M and M are at the creative table. This is possible because the space doesn’t need to be cleaned up immediately. This also makes it perfect for projects that take longer than one sitting or projects that need dry time.
  • It’s in their playroom! This one is a biggie. M and M are always creating props for their play. A paper spy phone, a cardboard sword, a belt or signs for a race track.
  • The dining room table is safe! Creativity can be messy. A space that is meant for messes can handle paint, play dough and sharpie. And even if something stains, oh well, you don’t have to look at it every time you sit down to dinner!

Love this creative table and tips for making one at home.

Extra Creative Table Tips

  • We found our table at a yard sale. It’s a vintage patio table and we LOVE it! A folding table
    would be great too (especially if you have a small amount of space).
  • Folding Stools work best for us (mostly because our kids aren’t the “sitting kind”). The stools are light weight and move around easily. The kids can bounce off and on with no problem. Or they can move them and stand at the table… which is what happens most of the time.
  • Art supplies, craft materials and our recycle box are all close to the table. This makes everything easy for the kids to access.

Do you have a creative table? What benefits or tips would you add?


  1. We are in the process of redoing our playroom to include a create & tinker table. My biggest challenge right now is finding some ideas for how to organize some of the supplies & tools that we want to keep at the table (suggestions welcome!) And I LOVE your idea for folding stools — we’ve been debating about seating as it’s a small area.

    1. I have a tray I got from Lakeshore, I wouldn’t recommend it. The cups aren’t tall enough for holding colored pencils and makers. Good luck! I’d love to see your space when your got it all set up.

  2. Great post! We turned our small sunroom into a kids creative space. I love that it is a dedicated space where projects can be left out for days, but our challenge is having a 1 yr old who messes with our 5 yr old’s work if she leaves it out. Having high shelves to store work and supplies has helped! My 5 yr old can reach almost everything, while my 1 yr old can only reach items on the lowest shelf.

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