Summer Break Sanity Savers

Summer break is almost here! Big M just reminded me that they only have 4 weeks left of school! Wow this year went fast. While I’m filling our summer bucket list I’m also trying to enjoy the last few bits of my kid free work time. (Summer work time will be an entirely different ball game.)

If you’re like me (some of you have to be) having a summer schedule and some resources ready to go is HUGE for setting the tone. I want summer to fun, relaxing AND productive. Kicking it off that way will make all the difference.

Summer Break Sanity Savers for…

Great list of sanity savers for summer break



There is no doubt about it. Summer break means more family time. That’s awesome, of course! But I’ll admit, sometimes all the togetherness can be a bit overwhelming.

  • Stock up on family games (these 25 are divided into the amount of time you have to play). Then make it a priority to bring them out so they actually get used.
  • Create a chore chart for your kids and increase the amount of work they are doing around the house. When everyone pitches in, the work gets done faster… and everyone (including Mom) gets to play sooner.
  • Set up a regular quiet time or individual play. Then make sure you use that as much needed down time (not to do the dishes).


Hmmm…. I wonder where you could find enough kid’s activities to keep the kids playfully learning all summer? Hee hee. Just in case you need more ideas. I have a few.

  • Sign up for A Mom with a Lesson Plan emails. Every time I post a new activity or parenting tip… it comes straight to you. EASY! (And it’s free.)
  • Grab a copy of Camp Mom! Summer Activities Pack. It’s awesome! Jam packed with activities, planners, sibling ideas and tons of other stuff. (And I’m not just saying that because I get to be a part of it. 🙂 )
  • Follow my summer Pinterest board. I’ll be adding all kinds of summer fun over the next couple of months.


Summer break is a great time for vacations. I’m sure many of you have them planned already. (If so I’d love to hear where you’re going!)

How much longer until summer break for your family?  


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