Funny Elephant Jokes Perfect for the Circus or the Zoo

With their long trunks and loud roar, elephants can definitely bring us a scare. Use this collection of jokes to bring some fun, excitement, and enjoyment to the sightings of this gentle giant.

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Elephant Jokes

Funny Elephant Jokes Perfect for the Circus or the Zoo

  • How do elephants talk to each other? – On the ele-phone!
  • Why couldn’t the two elephants go swimming together? – Because they only had one pair of trunks. 
  • What’s an elephant’s favorite font to use? – Ella font.
  • Why are elephants bad dancers? – They have two left feet.
  • What do you get when you cross a fish with an elephant? – Swimming trunks!
  • What goes down but never goes up? – An elephant in an elevator.
  • What did the grape say when the elephant stepped on it? – Nothing. It just let out a little whine. 

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  • What time is it when you find an elephant in your car? – Time to get a new car.
  • Why do elephants need trunks? – Because they don’t have glove compartments.
  • When an elephant is bored, what’s it like to do? – Watch elevision.
  • What sport will an elephant always beat you at? – Squash.
  • What do you do with a blue elephant? – Tell it silly jokes!
  • Why couldn’t the elephant ride the bus to school? – Its trunk wouldn’t fit under the seat.
  • What album could an elephant listen to all day long? – Tusk by Fleetwood Mac.
  • What’s an elephant’s favorite part of a tree? – The trunk!
  • Why do elephants need trunks? – Because they don’t have handbags.
  • What’s large in size, gray, and has red spots? – An elephant with chickenpox!
  • Why is an elephant large, grey, and all wrinkly? – Because if it was tiny, white, and smooth, it would be an Aspirin.
  • What did the elephant want for his birthday? – A trunk full of presents.
  • What did the elephant say to his girlfriend? – “I love you a ton!”
Elephant Jokes

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