73 Crocodile Jokes and Crocodile Puns to Take a Snap At

These snappy crocodile jokes and crocodile puns are great for a trip to the zoo. We also have a great collection of zoo animal jokes you might enjoy.

Crocodile Jokes for Kids

These crocodile jokes are sure to get a snappy smile.

  • What is the most effective way to cook a crocodile? – In a croc pot.
  • Why don’t crocodiles like fast food? – It’s too hard to catch.
  • What do crocodiles call small people? – Appetizers.
  • Who gives crocodiles presents on Christmas? – Santa Jaws
  • Where do you find croc food at the pet store? – In the croco-aisle.
  • What’s a crocodile’s favorite subject in school? – Bite-erature!
  • Why did the crocodile bring a ladder to the river? – To go to the next level!
  • What did the crocodile say after the meal? – “I can’t believe I just ‘swallowed’ that!”
  • Why did the crocodile apply for a job at the bank? – It wanted to be a loan shark!
  • What is a crocodiles favorite dessert? – Brandy snaps.

How does a crocodile taste? – With it’s mouth.

  • What is the difference between a croc and a noisy dog? – One has a bite worse than his bark.
  • Why should you be careful not to insult a crocodile? – It may come back to bite you in the butt.
  • Why don’t crocodiles use smartphones in the swamp? – They’re afraid they’ll get ‘water’ damage!
  • Why did the crocodile bring a backpack to the party? – It was ready for a ‘snappy’ celebration!
  • What’s a crocodile’s favorite TV show? – “Bite-ographs”!
  • Why did the crocodile become a math teacher? – It wanted to teach ‘algebra-gator’!
  • How do crocodiles enjoy their tea? – With a side of ‘snap’-petizers!
  • Why did the crocodile get an award? – Because it was ‘scale-ted’ for excellence!
  • Why did the crocodile open a bakery? – To make some jaws-dropping pastries!
  • Why did the crocodile bring a towel to the swamp? – In case it wanted to take a ‘snap’!
  • What’s a crocodile’s favorite board game? – ‘Chomp’-s and Ladders!
  • Why don’t crocodiles ever play hide and seek? – Because good luck hiding when you have sharp features!
  • What do you call a crocodile that’s always on time? – Punctu-later!
  • Why did the crocodile bring a map to the river? – It wanted to avoid getting lost in the current!
  • What’s a crocodile’s favorite instrument? – The viola-gator!
  • Why don’t crocodiles use social media? – They’re more into swamp-dates!
  • What do you call a crocodile that’s a skilled mathematician? A calc-gator!
  • Why did the crocodile start a fashion line? It wanted to set the trend in scales!
  • Which Egyptian reptile can’t admit he’s a reptile? – De Nile crocodile

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  • How do you know when a croc is happy? – They croco-smile.
  • Why did the crocodile cross the road? – To catch the chicken.
  • What do crocodiles wear on their feet? – A Crocs.
  • What’s a crocodile’s favorite car brand? – A Chew-vrolet!
  • Why did the crocodile apply for a job as a detective? It wanted to be an inves-ti-gator!
  • What lawn game do crocodiles play? – Croc-quet.
  • How did the crocodile get to the moon? – On a cRocket.
  • Which large reptile wore a coonskin hat? – Davy Croc-ett.
  • What do you get when you cross a crocodile with a chocolate bar? – Chocodile.
  • Why did the crocodile bring a towel to the beach? To catch some rays!
  • What’s a crocodile’s favorite kind of dance? The crocodile rock!
  • Why don’t crocodiles ever become astronauts? They prefer staying grounded!
  • What do you call a crocodile who likes bowling? – An alley-gator.

Crocodile Puns for Kids

These crocodile puns will have the kids lurking around for more.

  • I’ve got jawsome crocodile facts.
  • When alligators need energy, they just slug down some gator-ade.
  • You can distinguish an alligator from a crocodile by paying attention to whether it sees you later, or in a while.
  • I like you, you croc my world.
  • Did you hear about the law firm with the most intimidating lawyers? It’s filled with liti-gators.
  • The weather’s getting colder, I really fancy some hot croc-o-late.
  • Any time I wear a t-shirt with a picture of a crocodile on it, I feel a little sick. I think I might be Lacoste intolerant.
  • Did you know crocodiles could grow up to 15 feet? But most just have 4.
  • I’ll have a crocodile sandwich please, and make it snappy!
  • You are really talented. You should join a punk-croc band.

That crocodile is such a snappy dresser!

  • Did you hear about the croc calling the frog? He just croc-o-dialled.
  • How do crocodiles greet each other? With a snappy hello.
  • A crocodile’s favorite sci-fi movie? ‘Jaws’ in Space.
  • She’s got crocodile tears because she didn’t get what she wanted.
  • He’s like a crocodile in a swamp, always lurking around.
  • She’s such a crocodile, always trying to hide her true intentions.
  • He’s got the skin of a crocodile, tough as nails.
  • I saw a crocodile playing basketball. He was a real slam dunk in the swamp!
  • Ever seen a crocodile in a library? They’re great at reading between the jaws.
  • I asked a crocodile for the time. He said, “Sorry, I ate my watch, it’s a bit hard to stomach!”
  • Did you hear about the crocodile who became a judge? He loves a good trial by jaw-ry.
  • Why was the crocodile a terrible golfer? He always ended up in the water hazard.
  • I once met a crocodile who loved classical music. He was quite the reptile composer.
  • That alligator took great photos, he was a bit of a snapper.
  • She’s always croc-ing jokes!
  • He’s a real croc-star!
  • Use a pro-croc-tor to measure the angles.
  • It’s a croc-tail party tonight.
  • Time to croc and roll!

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Printable Crocodile Jokes and Crocodile Puns

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