Printable Kids Phone Book: Keep in Touch over Summer Break

I’m getting myself prepared for summer now, so that my plan will be in action when summer break hits. I know summer is going to come faster than I expect. All week I’ll be sharing ideas for summer planningsummer activities and summer goodies. YAY!

First up… let’s talk about school friends and phone numbers. M and M are old enough now that they have friends they want to talk to on the phone. (Plus Big M has a summer birthday, it can be tricky to wrangle up school friends to invite late into the summer). Instead of leaving it up to chance that they’ll come home with numbers, I’m sending them to school armed with a printable kids phone book this year. An adorable phone book if I do say so myself.

Printable kids phone book (i'm going to have mine ready before school breaks for summer!)

And since I made one for them, I thought it only right that I make it printable for you. Aren’t I sweet?

Tips for Printing Your Keep in Touch Phone Book

  • Start by printing the Keep in Touch Book. It’s two pages. The first page has the cover, back and two inside pages. (Enter your information below to get your book). 

  • Decide how many pages you’ll need. How many numbers will your little want to get? There are 4 pages on each sheet.
  • Flip page 2 (the one with only inside pages and NO cover) over and run it through the printer again. Printing only page 2 this time. This will make front and back pages for your little book.
  • Continue printing page 2 again and again until you have the right amount of pages.
  • Cut, fold and staple your book into place. I did not reprint on the back of page one. Instead I used a small bit of glue to stick the cover and back to an inside page.
  • Free Printable Phone Book for Kids

    Tips for Using Your Printable Kids Phone Book

    • Of course your kids need to know their phone number! If they don’t know it already, this is a good reason for them to learn it. I love these ideas for how to teach kids their phone number.
    • Have your little one write their name on the back of the book (and maybe their phone number too!) I just thought of that or I would have made an extra space. Oh well. 🙂
    • Send the phone book to school.
    • Keep your fingers crossed that the numbers that come back are correct and complete … hee hee.

    Phone Etiquette Tips for Kids

    • When. Remember back when we didn’t know who would answer the phone when we called someone? I know at our house we had rules about when we could call. The polite times for a phone to ring. (Hint… dinner time was a no call time).
    • Who. Who is your little one allowed to give their number to? Setting up rules in the beginning will help keep your kids safe from unwanted phone calls.
    • How? Having a phone is a privilege. Has your little one earned phone privileges by doing especially well on homework?

    Will your kids be collecting numbers in our printable kids phone book this year? 


    1. What an awesome idea! I will have to remember this for when my kids are older. This is a great idea for summer camps and all kinds of fun groups!

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