20 Beautiful Butterfly Crafts for Kids

We’re talking butterflies this week. Little M is all about butterflies right now. She’s been searching for butterfly pictures and facts and then writing about what she’s learned in her special journal. We’ve checked out butterfly books from the library and even visited a butterfly exhibit where we actually walked into a room full of butterflies. If you can find one near you it is a very cool experience! I think it’s time we added some butterfly crafts for kids into the mix… don’ t you?

I searched out the best of the best and found some really great stuff! These butterfly crafts are fun, unique and absolutely beautiful. I wold love to hear which one is your favorite, so leave me a comment at the end of the post.

Butterfly crafts for kids - some really unique ideas in this list!

Beautiful Butterfly Crafts for Kids




Your turn! Tell us how you learn about butterflies. 


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