20 Things to do with Kids in Southern California

When I was 2 years old my parents moved our family to Southern California… we’ve been here ever since.  I never had to leave to understand just how lucky I am to have spent the last 35 years in this beautiful area. Not only do we have gorgeous weather all year long, we could literally visit the beach and the mountains on the same day.

Making this list was so much fun. I’ve included some adventures we’ve already enjoyed and some places that are still on our “must try” list! Whether you are living in California or just stopping in for a visit, this list will help you find some memorable ways to spend your time in Southern California.

20 things to do is Southern California. #4 is our fav!

Southern California Museums

There are so many incredible museums around here. We’ve had so much fun exploring museum after museum, each new one becoming our “all time favorite”.

Camping in Southern California

Do you love camping as much as we do? Here are 50 ideas to make camping with kids easier! We’ve spent the last few years visiting the same campground. Time to step out of our comfort zone a bit.

Southern California Beaches

Of course there are beaches! So many beaches. Here are 3 great beaches for families.

Parks in Southern California

One of the biggest advantages to living in southern California is the access to adventure parks. We have a ton of parks to choose from and since most of them are an easy day trip away, season passes are a must. My sister and I have chosen a different park every year. That way we can split the cost of gas, pack lunches and have a very inexpensive park adventure several times throughout the year. Here are some tips for getting full use of your season pass.

More Things to do with Kids in Southern California

As if all of the fun places listed above weren’t enough! Here are a few more things to do with kids in southern California.

Add to the list by sharing your favorite thing to do in Southern California in the comment section! 


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