How to Get Full Use of Season Passes – Places to go with Kids

One of the great advantages to living in Southern California is the option for outside play all year long. Add that to having so many fun places to go with kids only a short drive away  YAY!

When the kids were babies, my sister and I started taking advantage of season passes to some of the incredible parks within driving distance. It’s been such great experience and we’ve learned a thing or to about how to get full use of our season pass.

I’ve teamed up Knott’s Berry Farm today to give you some simple tips that will help you make the most of your season passes! Speaking of season passes…2016 Knott’s Scary Farm Season Pass are on sale now for the lowest price of the year.

9 ways to make the most of your season pass

Making the most of your Season Pass

  1. Know the rules (and how they are enforced). A lot of parks post that you can not bring in food, but aren’t that strict when it comes down to it. Figure out if you can bring in your own drinks and snacks.
  2. Pack well. Bring a stroller (even if you don’t really need it anymore), small cooler, sunscreen, hats, a camera, chap-stick, sweatshirts, a change of clothes (just in case!), comfy shoes and of course THE PASS!
  3. Pack a lunch. Buying food at these parks can get really expensive, really quick. Pack your own lunches, drinks and snacks. If you can bring them in great! If not, park by a tree and enjoy a shaded lunch by the car mid day. The cost is probably worth a quick trip to the car.
  4. Take short trips. Knowing that you can go back again and again makes it so easy to take a lot of short trips When the kids were still napping, we would make sure to walk in as the gates open. That way we could leave in time for naps to happen in the car. (It also made for a nice quiet drive home.)
  5. Go at night. Mix up the times you go. The parks are all very different at night. Going after lunch and staying late will make it feel like a whole new adventure.
  6. See the shows. Taking time to see the shows and events can be difficult when your trying to see an entire park in one day, a season pass lets you take your time and visit all the extras. Check the park’s website to see everything that’s offered, along with dates and times.
  7. Know what’s coming. A lot of parks offer special events based on the time of year. Knott’s Berry Farm has a lot of fun holiday decorations and special holiday shows. Knowing when events start and end will make planning trips easier.
  8. Take adult trips. Sure, sure the season pass is for the kids… but it’s a totally different experience without the kids in tow. Some parks will make a great date night or girls day out (if like us, you love roller coasters).
  9. Take only one kid. Parks are really fun with a big group. Of course the experience changes if there are only two of you. With less people to help decide what’s next on the tour… you and your little one can do everything they want. Or only one thing over and over if that’s what they choose! (Season passes are also great to use for a birthday date.)

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We love having season passes and use them once a month or even more often while we have them. Do you have any parks near by? What tips would you add to the list?

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  1. You forgot something… with the Platinum Pass you can road trip and visit the many Cedar Fair parks across the country. (We live about an hour from Dorney Park & Wild Water Kingdom in Pennsylvania). This season hasn’t been too fantastic for us, but I’m heavily pregnant and it’s hard for me to walk around. But we’ve still managed 3 trips so far. Biggest problem is our little one is only big enough to go on 3 rides independently (She’s just above 36 inches), and our oldest wants to ride more of the big kid rides that also require her to have an adult. Oddly enough both girls are looking forward to the Halloween Haunt this fall despite they were still pretty fearful of it last year.

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