Outside Fall Activity: Find that tree!

It’s starting to feel more and more like fall (it takes a while for summer to leave us around here). 

We have an outside fall activity that we do every year, and I get a little antsy when the leaves stay green for so long! I patiently (or not so patiently) waited for some of the yellow and reds to show up on the trees, then I headed out to collect some beautiful leaves.

While you’re preparing for this activity, you might also want to collect some leaves to save for future art projects. (How to preserve leaves (for crafting))

And of course, we always include a fall joke or two.

Outdoor fall activity you can do right now!

Have you ever noticed just how many different types of trees and leaves are in your neighborhood? This activity is the perfect excuse to slow down and take note.

Check out leaf chromatography science experiment and printable Fall Pictionary for more fall fun.

Outside Fall Activity: Find that tree!

To prepare for this outside activity, I usually sneak out and go for a quiet walk… alone. Yes, yes, you’re right; this is the hardest part.

If you have to collect leaves while on a walk with your little ones, just try to be sneaky. This year M and M went with me. Big M made a point to say it would be more of a memory game than a searching game. Hmm… smart kid. 😉

Once you’ve collected a nice stack, let your kids go in search of the matching tree.

outside fall activity I can do right now!

Tips for toddlers and preschoolers: Try to stay in a small area, maybe one block or just on your street. Make sure leaves are very distinct, so it’s obvious which tree they came from.

Tips for older kids: Find leaves of different sizes from the same tree (this will add an extra challenge). Add to the experience by having your little one write in a journal as they find a leaf – tree match.

Tips for all kids: Hold a leaf up to a tree and have your little on point out similarities and differences. Once they’ve had a turn let them collect the leaves and you find the tree!

What outside fall activity does your family enjoy?


  1. I’m publishing a round-up of leaf-themed kids activities on my blog (Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational) this Monday (9/15/14) and would like to get your permission to include your photo and a link to this activity on your blog. Please let me know soon! Thanks.

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