10 Fun Ideas for Hiking with Kids

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One of the luxuries of living in Southern California is that we can hike pretty much all year long. It’s something we have really loved in the past and have gotten away from this year. I guess because it’s always available it’s easy to take for granted.

I want to bring hiking with the kids back into our regular routine this fall. It’s such a great way for us to connect as a family, along with enjoying the outdoors.

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With our first trip on the calendar and Tecnu Extreme in the first aid kit we are all set!

great tips & activities for hiking with kids

Tips for Hiking with Kids

  • Pack easy and healthy snacks that you can eat while walking. Carrot sticks, apples, and granola bars are great. Or get a little creative with these easy (and healthy) “candy” bracelets.
  • Prepare a mini first aid kit that is easy to carry on the hike. If you can, leave it in the backpack you use for hiking so you don’t have to think about it every time you set out on a hike. Include sunblock, band aids, wipes and Tecnu extreme Medicated Poison ivy scrub.
  • Keep in mind how much your little one can actually handle. Even though my kids are 10 and 8, we haven’t been on a hike for a while. Our first time out we’ll keep it short and pick a trail we are familiar with. It’s better to be too short than too long when you have kids with you.
  • Plan around naps and meals. Tired and hungry is no way to feel while hiking. Make sure that you plan to be off the trail before your little on hits a wall of exhaustion.
  • Bring along friends. Hiking can make for the perfect play date and everything is more fun with friends!

Hiking Activities for Kids

Bringing along a hiking activity can make hiking with kids even more fun.

  • Prepare a sense of touch scavenger hunt for the hike.
  • If your hiking spot is near your house, visit the day before and collect a few leaves. Then have the kids play find that tree while you hike. You can also find leaves on the ground and challenge the kids to find which tree it came from.
  • Some trails will have maps at the entrance. Take one! Younger kids can pretend they are following along while older kids can help navigate your route.
  • Have some fun taking pictures. Let your little one take pictures through out the day and use one of these photo activities to expand on the experience.
  • Bring along a drawing notebook and a pencil. Find shadows on the trail and trace their shadows. Expand on it by writing notes about what’s been traced.

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  1. We love to go for walks in our rural area. My best tip is to set a purpose for the walk (eg to find something or talk about a specific topic or adventure). Their favorite is a scavenger hunt.

  2. Best Tip for Hiking with Kids: Create a scavenger hunt project before you go. Have kids search and find simple items, such as broken off tree bark, a dandelion, and a small rock. Then create a few challenges, such as bird feather, etc. Keeps the kids engaged as you go!

  3. Geocache! It keeps the kids moving forward on the trail without complaining–since they feel they are on a treasure hunt!

  4. We bring along lots and lots of water. Now that we have a Camelback, it makes it easier to convince small ones to stay hydrated– it’s just so fun! We also like to let them hold their own (tiny) backpacks. Apparently there’s something about wearing a backpack with your own water and snacks that signals “We’re on an adventure!” and lends a sense of ownership to the experience. (We adults carry extra snacks/water, of course)

  5. I agree with plenty of snacks for breaks along the hike…especially if you have little ones. Also look for walking sticks and taking the time to look for small things…bugs, fish/crawfish in creeks, and lizards.

  6. We live near the Indiana Dunes and love to hike the trails or just on the beach. We try to find as many different birds as we can, and listen to their “call”.

  7. My best tips for hiking with kids are to stop every now and then to rest and to talk to your kids about what you’ve seen. Play games like how many times you see certain plants, birds or animals etc. Make sure you have plenty of water and snacks for your child. Always be prepared with an emergency kit.

  8. I think when hiking with kids you should always bring snacks and a first aid kit. We also like to write a list of things we might see before hand to look for like a scavenger hunt.

  9. Hiking is a great opportunity to learn! My tip is to stop along the way and study the bugs, plants, trees, etc. and talk about them.

  10. Hiking got a lot more fun in our family when we started geocaching. It took us to new places and it gave the kids a “goal” and makes it more like a game!

  11. We make sure we have a good and comfortable carrier for the little one(s) so we are all happy! We also make sure we pack plenty of water and good snacks!

  12. Water and lots of snacks makes for good hiking with kids. Mine also think its’ a lot of fun to look for a good walking stick along the way as well 🙂

  13. We always make sure that our children are properly dressed and have great protein snacks and water at all times. Taking a checklist with things to find and see is awesome for kids and really holds their attention span!

  14. Bring lots of bottled water (must be careful out there) and some dried fruit and nuts (some salt) to quickly quiet stomach rumblings (and complaining).

  15. I find it helpful to bring lots of water and comfortable shoes that won’t give you blisters or hurt your feet.

  16. We don’t venture out too far when we hike but some water is helpful. But I try not to carry too much so I can walk farther.

  17. I bring lots of snacks, and a ‘find it’ bingo game to spot neat features in nature. Also, a plastic bag for trash (from us, or whatever we find that can be cleaned up) 🙂

  18. we always teach kids to be good observers by looking for signs of wildlife (feathers on the ground, claw scratches on tree trunks, animal tracks, bird holes in dead trees, fur along the trail, slugs. Water striders on lakes, sand dollars along the beach, frogs in pond).
    we always Checklist of essentials – First aid kit, sunscreen, bug spray, snacks, stuffed animal, extra clothes, special walking stick, etc.

  19. I’d say my number one tip would be not to over pack. Of course bring plenty of water and snacks, but try to not have too many things to carry along. Thanks for this opportunity!

  20. My tip is GOOD SHOES. Make sure they aren’t new and that they have been broken in. Nothing worse than having a kiddo who gets blisters or their shoes hurt!

  21. My tip would be to make it a game. My toddler always loves a good adventure so we could play i spy while we hike.

  22. My tips for hiking with kids is to bring plenty of water and snacks. But make sure the snacks are light and easy to carry. Wear bug spray and sunblock.

  23. My best tip is to let the kids set the pace. You may not go as far as you planned but it makes it much less stressful.

  24. We always had fun by assigning each member a role. One was Captain Cautious, in charge of first aid. Another was Corporal Culinary, in charge of snacks. You get the idea, we’ve had scribes, cartographers, and an occasional legend in training.

  25. Start small! Do a few “hikes” around a local park where you can learn the kids tolerance, better than them having a meltdown on the trail where it would be more difficult getting them out.

  26. My best tip is to bring plenty of snacks and go into it expecting to stop often. Also, don’t go so far on a hike that you won’t be able to carry the kids out on the way back down! 🙂

  27. Plan ahead. Pack for the entire day. Make a game out of it, like a treasure hunt – but only if they get bored. Otherwise, just let them enjoy nature. We also take pictures and notes on what we saw to reflect later.

  28. My best advice is to make a line and stay together. Also make sure you bring a first aid kit for those falls or cuts from the branches. Make sure you know where you are going and have plenty of water, candy, snacks incase you get lost and a compass.

  29. Take your time and stop to explore. Sometimes we are so focused on moving along that our kids remind us to so and smell the roses. Sometimes literally!

  30. We enjoy hiking with our children as well. Such a great way to make memories. We take the backpacks that you can fill with water while hiking. Makes things a whole lot easier for us all. We also make sure to take along a backpack full of supplies like a first aid kit, snacks, water bottles, compass. One thing that we do is also set a time frame and stop. This helps us to stay focused and on target. We have gone before where we kept on going and going and ended up getting lost. Scary feeling;)

  31. bring plenty of water, wear comfortable clothes, wear a hat and sunscreen, bug spray and hats and don’t forget the camera.

  32. Never let them out of your sight for one second. Educate them beforehand about staying on the trail and bear safety. Bring more than enough water, food, and clothing.

  33. My tip is to be flexible with your plans. You may want to do that 3 mile loop, but your kids may find a downed tree 100 yards in and spend an hour exploring it. Let them. 🙂

  34. I dont have any professional tips 😀 Just what we have done with our kids 🙂 .. Brought along a scavenger hunt! This way they are looking for something , keeping eyes open and enjoying the beauty around them!

  35. My best tip is to choose a trail with features that will interest the kids in your group as well as one that will provide resting places/turn-around stops.

  36. Plan ahead….know how long the hike is and schedule breaks for snacks and water. Pack essentials like s camera, sunscreen and bug spray.

  37. My biggest tip, for those with little ones, is to
    bring a baby wrap/carrier! Once those little legs get tired the whole trip can go downhill fast! We love having scavenger hunts and singing goofy songs while we’re hiking. As long as we keep them engaged and energized, the whole family has fun!

  38. We wear comfortable shoes, backpack with snacks, water, insect spray and first aid kit

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  39. I would say to always make sure your little one wears good shoes!! Also, bring several power snacks such as fruit or nuts for small tummies. Have them drink lots of water too!

  40. We live in Northern Minnesota, right on Lake Superior so we do a lot of hiking with our 3 children! The first tip I have is to always bring a bag along for trash!! That way you don’t have to worry about wrappers or juice boxes ending up in nature.. because most hiking trails and parks do not have trash cans. The second tip I have is to plan your hiking time with breaks added because kids will unerringly want to take breaks, wander off trails, and follow any bird or chipmunk they see 😉


  41. My tip is to make it fun and search for different things, make sure to take breaks, and bring plenty of snacks and fluids!

  42. my tip is to invest in a good baby carrrier if your little one is still able to be carried and also dont forget the snacks!! snacks are a life saver with little ones.

  43. My best tip: Take the kids hiking when they have full tummies and are not tired. We have learned from our mistakes 🙂

  44. My best tip for hiking with kids is to find a route that is both short enough for little legs to handle! Also, bring LOTS of water and snacks!

  45. my kids are grown up now but we’ve always lived in the hill country. when they were young we never went hiking, we went on ‘explores”
    take water, wear spf, sunglasses and tuck socks into pants. take heavy gloves so little ones can turn over rocks and logs without danger.

  46. Among everything else, make sure you bring your camera. Some of the most beautiful and unexpected photos from a hiking adventure with kids to always remember for them and you can be discovered!

  47. Always bring a few extra snacks and water bottles. Also, take breaks if the kids get tired and use that as an opportunity to soak up the nature all around.

  48. #1 tip for hiking with toddler’s: Bring a backpack carrier! Even my 4 year old can get tired and cranky and still fits in our Boba carrier (holds up to 45 pounds)!

  49. Bring an extra set of clothing and be prepared to have extra snacks and bottles of water! Family hiking is the best!

  50. Bring a camera and take lots of wonderful pictures together and let them take photos themselves too of the nature around them. We love looking back on our pictures.

  51. My tip is to make a theme. And if they’re into it, bring magnifying glasses (“spy glass”). It will make it a lot more fun for them. Also bring snacks!!

  52. Make a game out of it, so they concentrate less on how far it is and more on how many different colors they have seen or types of trees.

  53. Always make sure you have enough water and snacks and giving them each a camera and doing activities like scavenger hunts makes a long hike or a hot day go by smoother!

  54. In addition to water and snacks, we like to take along smart phones. We can always find interesting things to take photos of and to research. It’s a great way to make something that is healthy also educational!

  55. It is absolutely to bring water and snacks. Every time we go out without snacks, our walk is usually cut short by cries of “I’m hungry!”

  56. For smaller kids, take them mostly on shorter hikes. It’s easier on you and on them. You have to bring water and snacks for them so the shorter the hike, the less you have to carry. It also helps to give them their own small backpack to carry some little things in and also helps in teaching them in deciding what things they need to bring.

  57. My kids are little and our hikes are on walking trails at a local nature park. My biggest tip is to not over estimate what you can do. A short trail explored with wonder and awe is much better than a long trail with over tired kids.

  58. I have little kids, 2 under 4 and our faveorite tip when hiking is to bring baby carriers so we can carry our little ones. This is so much easier then dragging a stroller with us and is more enjoyable for the kids.

  59. taking a book to idenify animals,plants and such while out hiking,,it keeps them occupied and engaged in the hiking,,and dont forget snacks and drinks

  60. We live in the Great Smoky Mountains and Fall is our absolute favorite time of the year! We go hiking every weekend and our 5 year old son has been along since he was born.
    We bring a backpack with snacks and waters so that he stays hydrated and doesn’t get hungry. He also knows to be on the lookout for bears and what to do if we encounter one. We like to make sure our hike has a historic cabin, waterfall, or something that will (in a 5 year olds eyes) make it worthwhile. He also loves hunting for buckeye nuts along the trails.

  61. Pre-plan an activity ahead of time so that you’re not just hiking and your child finds that dull. I think if you make a game of collecting different leaves, acorns, etc, and then bringing them home and identifying them, or at least take a picture of them and leave them to remain in nature. Make sure to bring snacks and HYDRATE your little one(s), and bring along the SPF. Also a tiny emergency kit and itch cream!

  62. We hike in our own backyard with ours kids and we have to be very cautious when it comes to snakes, but not to the point of ours kids being afraid.
    I like to point things out to the kids during our hikes and have them point of interesting things to us.

  63. Our aim is to just always be prepared. Nothing worse than a kid complaining lol! We pack light but still pack all the essentials that we’ll need.

  64. My best tip would be to pack lots of snack, and remember that they have smaller strides! Hiking is supposed to be enjoyed by all, but it won’t be if the kids become discouraged or feel like they are falling behind.

  65. We love to hike with our two boys. My tips are to let the older ones take pictures with their own kid-friendly or disposable camera and let the little ones touch things and take some time to look closely at things that catch their eye (within reason). Our kids really latch on to the experience like this.

  66. My number one piece of advice for hiking with kids is to make sure they have comfortable, properly fitting shoes!

  67. My fave tip is to have a little dance break while hiking, it’s a great way to have a little fun and enjoy the mood and environment. My fave song to dance to now is Cheerleader by OMI

  68. While my boys like to pick up pretty much anything, they get kind of weirded out about dirt on their hands. As a result, we always have wipes.

  69. I have no real hiking tips to give to be honest. We are not very outdoorsy… My tip would be to bring plenty of bug spray & spray mist fan as well as have plenty of snacks and H20…

  70. Just take lots of water and cover up your legs so you don’t end up covered in chiggers bites like my granddaughter did.

  71. My advise is to make it fun. Make it into a game, possibly a scavenger hunt to keep them focused. Make sure u have bug spray and band aids.

  72. We look for signs of animal life….nibbled or holey leaves, scratches on trees, holes in the ground, animal droppings, foot prints, and of course the animals, birds, and bugs themselves. It’s always exciting to see something new and then we look it up when we get home.

  73. With kids it is important to take your time. Remember, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. That and snacks…plenty of snacks and water!

  74. We try to make everything a game. How many red leaves can you count. How many steps until the tree down yonder.. It keeps the 2 and 4 year olds attention span 🙂

  75. Wow, that’s a lot of comments! My hiking tip is to bring your kids, and make sure you go at a good pace for them mentally, as well as physically. Remember that they don’t know all that you know, and take time to turn over a rock and find a worm and explain that it has 9 hearts and it eats dirt. Tell them why moss only grows on one side of the trees. Talk to them about adventures you had when you were young, or what to do if they ever get lost.

  76. I like your tips, they’re great! Hubby got poison ivy a few times and it was horrible! As a result we have learned to identify the plant and now always have poison ivy wash on hand. My tips for hiking with kids is to have plenty of water, snacks, wipes, and comfortable shoes. I would also advice to always check the weather before going on a hike to make sure you don’t get caught up in a storm. Activities like scavenger hunts while on a hiking trip are always a plus!

  77. Let them be in charge of the camera, it’s easy to keep moving if there may be something to take a picture of ahead 🙂

  78. Being prepared is the best tip. Having a 3 and 1 year old that we take out west every winter for hikes and visiting family we always take sunscreen, bug spray, extra clothes and gear for emergencies!

  79. My best tip for hiking is to make sure you wear proper clothes and shoes for the area you are hiking in. Also bring water and a small natural snack such as an apple or trail mix.

  80. My tip is to have your kids wear comfy shoes and lots of bug spray. Make sure to bring along water, snacks, and a small first aid kit.

  81. Plan for your bathroom trips before you leave your house for the hike. Teach your children independence by letting them each carry a small pack of their own.

  82. I like to work a game or a challenge into a hike, like picking up leaves from five different trees, spotting five different types of birds, etc. It keeps my kids engaged and excited.

  83. My best tips for hiking with kids are – to put on sunscreen and bug spray, bring lots of snacks, and enjoy! Take lots of pictures and enjoy making memories.

  84. My tip is to have realistic expectations – you may want to get in that 4-mile hike, but your toddlers may become enchanted by a fallen tree a few hundred yards in and spend the whole time exploring it.

  85. My tip is to bring wet wipes or hand sanitizer. My family does a lot of hiking while Geocaching and that makes for some very dirty hands.

  86. My best tip for hiking with kiddos is to always have a game to keep them entertained – I’m not talking iPad games, but real games! I find that my kids get bored after mile 2, so I have them play nature versions of the
    “eye spy” game. It works all the time!

  87. My tip is to have them help out with the planning! They can make a list of what we need to bring, help prep the snacks, and even highlight the route we will take on a (printed out) map of the trail!

  88. Having plenty of snacks and wet wipes! Also, fun singing games, rhyming games, etc. can keep things interesting when necessary.

  89. Toddler moms: My tip is to invest in a carrier that can hold toddlers. my 2.5 year old twins get tired and it’s nice to be able to put them in our Toddler Tulas and continue the hike.

  90. Our osprey baby carrier works a lot better than our jogging stroller so that’s a must have when we go hiking. We also make sure we have plenty of sunscreen, bug spray and water with us.

  91. Give them a camera to take pictures with . . they won’t realize how far they have gone. When you get home they love reliving the memories of what they seen.

  92. My ultimate tip for hiking with kids:
    Step 1: Learn the environment.
    Step 2: Find images of important local flora and fauna online.
    Step 3: Make a list of their names and scientific names.
    Step 4: Make it a matching game for kids when they encounter said flora and fauna.

    Rinse, lather, repeat!

    God bless,

  93. Making sure to engage them in their surroundings as you go has always made my trips more fun for both me and the kids! We make sure to stop not just to rest but also to take the time to look at tracks, investigate fallen trees, etc.

  94. My best tip is to bring along sunscreen, bug spray and hats! Also a book on identifying different flowers and leaves is helpful to make the hike more interactive and fun. 🙂

  95. My best tip for hiking is to make sure the legs are covered and arms if possible. This keeps all the bugs from feasting on me and my kids.

  96. My favorite tip for hiking with kids is to be sure to bring your camera and plenty of water and snacks. You want to record the memories and keep everyone hydrated and not hungry.

  97. Let me first say that I LOVE Technu products. My husband is HIGHLY allergic to poison (we’ve been through two bouts of steroids) and their products have gotten us out of serious treatment several times. As far as hiking with kids goes I would pick flat, shorter paved paths. I also highly recommend a hiking pack to wear your child. We have used Kelty and we also love our Ergo carrier. Our daughter is 3 and is happy to walk for a while, but also happy to get a lift.

  98. We love hiking with our kids – we always do letter boxing or geocaching, especially when we’re traveling to get to see new places. Just don’t forget the water, bug spray and letter boxing album to record the wonderful memories of that day!

  99. My best tip is take alot of water and a first aid kit! Make sure the socks are pulled up high so ticks cant get to the ankles!

  100. Check the weather report before you go and dress accordingly. Have an adult carry a backpack with water, snacks, flashlight, and emergency supplies. Better safe than sorry.

  101. We always bring bug spray, water and a snack. The kids decorated their own “hiking backpack” that has a nature guide, binoculars etc. They love bringing that!

  102. don’t go too far to begin with. stay on or close to the trail. and bring a bag for trash, don’t leave trash behind, and maybe even pick up some trash. always leave it better than before.

  103. Bring water in a camel bag! You can get a lightweight backpack for it and it is so convenient and easy to keep everyone hydrated!

  104. When my children were small, the problem I had on walks was keeping up with them, they would always be so excited, all of our plans would be out the window..

  105. We oive in northern New Hampshire and my kids and dog have been hiking for years. We started our kids young in hiking. There is so much that you can teach kids while hiking. There iare different plants and trees and wildlife t I love earn about. Keeping the kids interested in yheir surroundings helped pass the time.

  106. Having 4 sons, we have had our share of outdoor adventures. Be prepared, and allow for more stops to rest for them. Be practical on the distance their little feet have to walk, you won’t go as far as you would like. I always took iced water bottles, snacks, iced towels, some tunes to play, and sunglasses.

  107. Make sure to wear weather appropriate clothing with comfortable shoes. Pack lots of healthy protein and snacks with bottles of water.

  108. My best tip for hiking with kids (beyond water, sunscreen, etc.) is to make sure they each have a backpack or bag for their “treasures” (unless mom wants to be the one carrying the assortment of rocks and leaves!)

  109. I always choose a place with an attraction or a gentle slope. For example, the hiking trail at Hidden Villa in Los Altos, CA has a farm about 1/4 mile in. Or Bale Grist Mill in Napa at a State Historic Park has a real working mill. Our other hiking trips are closer to home and have a gentle slope because they are near a creek or small stream.

  110. Make sure to have essentials like water, snacks and first aid kit. Wear good sturdy foot wear and use bug repellant, but mot of all have Fun!

    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  111. I think the best tip for hiking with kids is to take lots of fruit and water for breaks. Making it fun is good too. Have each child bring a baggie to put leaves in. Go online ahead of time to find trees in your area then print them out. Its kind of like a scavenger hunt. When they get home they can press them. Just a fun project. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  112. Oops I should have read your whole post because you already mentioned the leaves. Its fun to look for flowers too. Ive always liked pressing flowers and leaves. Its a fun thing to make cards with them.

  113. My best tip is to make sure you bring a camera so the kids have plenty of pictures to remember the day. Also make sure you bring plenty of water so everyone stays hydrated.

  114. My daughter is 17 months old, so I only have experience hiking with that age and below (aside from going a few time with nieces and nephews), but she’s been out in the mountains ever since she was a newborn! When they’re brand new, it’s actually pretty easy, especially when nursing. Biggest tips are bring MORE than what you think you’ll need: extra diapers & wipes, snacks for when they’re old enough to have snacks, and different layers of clothes. It can frequently get much cooler at the top if you’re hiking quite a bit of elevation. We use a Deuter hiking pack to carry her in and it’s been amazing.

  115. Here’s a tip I once found in the children’s magazine *Ranger Rick’s Nature Magazine* that we have tried many times: Have your child/children take turns leading the hiking group and then rotate (so no hurt feelings down the road..er..trail) as kids love feeling like they are in charge- it also slows the pace


  116. we take A camera for my daughter to take pics it keeps her busy and she loves looking at the photos..We also take lots of water, snacks and baby wipes..You just never know when you are going to need one..

  117. I love hiking with my little boy every weekend or whenever I have time. I do not have the best tip but I always bring mosquito repellent and “after bite itch” eraser. I also bring sunblock, cold water and a smart phone with Internet service for my son to watch his favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 🙂
    Thank You

  118. Our best idea is to take it slow and to take frequent breaks so everyone can observe nature. All to often we get caught up in trying to get to the end that we miss the beauty around us.

  119. Be sure to bring along plenty of water and healthy snacks, and show them in advance what plants to stay away from (like poison ivy!). Just in case, have Tecnu cream and bandaids along for itches and scrapes.

  120. Kids love food, so I love to point out things that you can taste or smell on a hike, like sour clover, birch twigs, sassafras stems, wild onions, wild carrot (queen Anne’s lace, just smell!), wild strawberries, honeysuckle blossoms, etc.

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