DIY Accessory Organizer for Girls

This back to school season has presented an interesting challenge for us. Little M has started caring about accessories. (Oh my are we that close to the tween years?)

Clips, headbands, lip gloss, hair ties… the list goes on and on. I’ve already started finding these adorable little pieces everywhere. Since getting back on my 30 minute a day cleaning routine is part of what I care about right now rounding up accessories became a soar spot real quick.

I’ve been working with Bounty over this past year and once again they had the answer I was looking for. It took 2 empty paper towel rolls to solve this organizing problem!

diy accessory organizer for girls

DIY Accessory Organizer for Girls

What you need: Accessories (hee hee), paper towel rolls, pretty tape, a small box, scissors

  • The box. We had the perfect size gift box lid, but it would be very easy to make your own box.
  • The holders. Cut the paper towel tube. I needed five rings to keep a tight fit. Test as you go. How many bracelets will it hold? How tall does the headband tube need to be to keep the headbands from falling?
  • Make it pretty. I used washi tape and duct tape.
  • Find a home. Where is the best place for the accessories? I made it small enough to fit in the medicine cabinet but Little M loved it so much she put it in her room.

so easy!! paper towel rolls and pretty tape to organize my daughters STUFF!

Over this past year of working with Bounty we have done some fun things with paper towels. We made a list of kitchen chores for kids and experimented with color.

I have come to rely on the NEW Bounty with Dawn as a kitchen necessity. I use this multi-purpose, durable towel for cleaning up after prepping chicken and big jobs like cleaning grease out of the stove. Because Bounty with Dawn is water activated with the long lasting power of Dawn and the new ultra durable Bounty I know one towel can handle the job. I’ve also added a roll to my camping supplies and I can’t wait for a reason to try them out for that.

bounty dual paper towel holder

{Giveaway Closed}For a chance to receive your own limited edition dual roll holder with a Bounty paper towel roll and NEW Bounty with Dawn roll leave a comment telling us what needed organizing at your house this back to school season.

One comment per person. US residents only. Winner will be chosen using Opportunity ends 10/1/2015.

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  1. Backpacks. I had to figure out where I could conveniently put backpack so that we wouldn’t lose or forget them. So I created an area for hanging them. Now we have a backpack station! With a board for notes, basket for gloves and a bench for a quick sit! I love it! No more backpacks on the floor! Woot woot!

  2. Oh my goodness, what doesn’t? We definitely do and we are working on getting the back-to-school routines down. Definitely want to make our own accessory organizer. Want to try to make some a little heavier duty to mount on the wall in the bathroom. Will see when we get to it. (Finally finished an online class and have to schedule the two tests for licensing.)

  3. My car! We have a minivan, and every day there would be a mess to deal with! Now that everyone is back to work and school, we have trash bags in the van for when we eat/drink on the run, we have designated spots for everyone’s bags, and we can get in and out of the van without stumbling!

  4. I need something that will help my teenage son organize his homework better. I am sure his teachers are tried of hearing that his dog ate his homework because he misplaced it.

  5. Our spare room needs organization! Is it an office, a craft room, or a spare room for guests? It could be all three if we minimize and organize!

  6. I have 2 junk drawers in my kitchen that need some major organizing along with my son’s closet! Since he’s 10 months, its slowly turned into an abyss full of clothes, clothes that are vacuum sealed, old toys, even stuff from my baby shower! Eek.

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  8. I would have to say the children’s closets and drawers. They have to have a place for play clothes, school clothes, horse riding clothes, church clothes, etc etc.

  9. Getting rid of mis matched storage containers for lunch, ones who are stained, lids missing, microwaved to death and who knows what happened to that container, had to buy some new ones, but that is cool

  10. I still need to organize my recipe album. It’s overflowing with recipes I have made and want to make. I need to get it under control so my weekly meal planning will be less stressful.

  11. We had to get organized with who needs the bathroom when to get us all ready for the day on time. We also had to organize our morning for during the summer we didn’t have too.

  12. My family photos need organizing for sure. We have a ton (old and recent) and need to put them in order and in photo albums.

  13. I had to organize the school supplies I had left over from last year and bought at clearance last year, so I didn’t buy anything we didn’t need this year.

  14. So many things need organizing in our house! My closet and my room in general, as well as the kitchen. We definitely need to work on it.

  15. The closets! I had to reorganize the clothes that were once neatly put together as outfits on hangers. Over the summer my daughters had gone wild hanging stuff willynilly until I couldn’t tell whose clothes were where, what went with what, what was school clothes or play clothes, what fit and what didn’t…mornings do NOT go well when the 9 year old can’t find her clothes because they have been put in the 2 year old’s closet!

  16. I’ve got to get my sewing/craft room organized. I want to make sew some of my christmas gifts this year so I’ve got to get going now.

  17. I am a teacher that switched schools and grades so my all my stuff needs to be sorted and stored. Trying to figure out what can be used where I am at now, and what to do with an entire class in a small apartment.

  18. Every room in the house needed organized this back-to-school season as my daughter and granddaughter just moved out and into their own place.

  19. I love the DIY organizer. Well I don’t have any children but I could use organization in my kitchen with all of the multiples of cans of food.

  20. I need to reorganize all of the closets in our house and hopefully I can find the cord to my sewing machine while doing that.

  21. I needed to organize my son’s closet so he could easily find his school clothes early in the morning without waking up his brother.

  22. Our closets need much reorganizing this year! Every kiddo in the house is not the same size that they were before the summer for some reason and there was lots of handing sizes down and storing away, going on in my house!

  23. time management! With two boys playing football, and two toddlers taking naps I had to get a planner to keep track of practices and games! So far so good!

  24. Every room but the bathroom needed redone because my kids started high school so we changed things around to help prepare them into another chapter of their lives. The main room was my kitchen area because as the kids are older and more independent I felt the need to make it easier for all of us in this area.

  25. The worst organizing nightmare is my main floor bathroom. It is so small I am not exhadurating when I say it’s a all in one spot you can do it all from the toilet. My bathroom is always filthy from the lack of space and rushed schedules.

  26. My daughter is grown. My nieces needed notebooks, pens, pencils and many more school supplies. I always buy lots of markers when the scool stuu first comes out. So its always on sale. Thank you for the chance 🙂

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