NERF Gun Target Practice

For his birthday Big M got a ton of new NERF guns. The kids are having a blast with them (of course) and I am just about over finding darts hidden all over the house (of course). So today I decided to reign in their play a bit and plan something for them to do with guns.

We’ve had fun with targets before. This time we made it an inside event.

NERF gun target practice. All you need is dry erase markers! So cool

NERF Gun Target Practice

What you need: NERF Guns (scroll to the bottom to see our guns), dry erase markers, a window or mirror, suction darts.

Find the perfect spot. The kids will need room to stand back and shoot. Make sure there aren’t any objects or decorations within shooting range.

Use dry erase markers to draw targets on the window. One of our windows is separated into several squares, I filled each one with a target. It might be fun to fill a big window with a large target holding more rings.

Mark the shooting spot with a jump rope or painters tape.

Take it up a notch by add numbers into the rings and provide a score pad.

NERF gun target practice. All you need is dry erase markers! So cool

Need a new NERF gun? These are the ones we have. It seems like they all have pros and cons, I’m not doing the shooting but I will give you a quick review based on what I’ve overheard. (All of these links are affiliate links.)

  • Buzz Bee Predator – (Buzz Bee is cheaper than NERF and uses the same darts.) This one shoots really far and holds 4 extra darts in the handle. It also seems to be the easiest to aim at targets.
  • Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster – This one is small and easy to carry when running around in a NERF battle.
  • Sidewinder – The Sidewinder got a ton of attention the first couple of days… but is pretty heavy to run around with and takes a long time to reload.
  • We also have 2 or 3 old guns that require pull back action. They are harder for younger kids but seem to get chosen a lot when the kids are running around with them.

Which NERF guns are a hit at your house? 

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