9 1/2 Ways to Make your Family Smile

We’ve had a pretty tense past couple weeks. Nothing serious, just a few changes that have taken some adjusting. It’s left all of use a little worn out and some of us down right crabby. (Hmm… do I have to admit I’m the crabby one? 😉 )

I’ve had enough, and I’m pretty sure the rest of the family would agree. I made a list of simple ways to make my family smile and spent the weekend making them happen. The simple togetherness and extra smiles is just what we all needed. In the spirit of spreading smiles I wrote the list for you! Enjoy.

What a fun list! I can do #2 right now!

  1. Do something creative. I know you’re a pro at setting up activities for the kids, but when was the last time you got your hands on those creative materials? Sculpt with play dough, paint a self portrait or build with LEGO. I bet just seeing you enjoying their favorite things will bring on a serious smile!
  2. Blast the music and sing along… as loud as you can.
  3. Get outside and play a game. We love bocce, basketball and croquet. (We also play darts… which isn’t actually outside but still gets everyone moving.)
  4. Clean. I know, I know that doesn’t sound fun! But hear me out…there is something relaxing and enjoyable about a clean room. (Plus if you do it together and blast the music while you clean it’s a win win.)
  5. As a family, share inspiring stories. You know the kind you read on Facebook and they make you smile? Talk about what they mean to you and how you can expand on them!
  6. Joke around. Try to think of as many old school jokes as you can. You know who hasn’t heard them yet? Your kids! To them your old favorites are brand new. I have a few great jokes for kids all ready for you once you run out of your own.
  7. Run some errands together… without a time frame. Before kids Hubby and I always had a blast grocery shopping. I think it’s because we weren’t rushed and that let us play around a bit.
  8. Try a new recipe together. Give the kids a little more room in the kitchen then they are used to…. and don’t worry too much about the mess or the end product. Just enjoy the process.
  9. Take a trip down memory lane. Get out the old home movies or the photo albums. Spend some time remembering all of the great times you’ve had together.
  10. -ish. Ask a friend to tell you something good. That’s where you come in! Leave us a comment about something good in your life. Big or small. We want to hear it…. I’m sure it will make us smile.

This post originally appeared on October 2, 2013.


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