I’m not perfect… and boy I hope you like me that way!

Have you heard this song by Laurie Berkner?  I’m Not Perfect (Click on the title to listen, then hit backspace when your done, it will bring you back to this post!)  It is the perfect song to accompany this parenting tip.

I'm not perfect

In the past few months I have been thinking a lot about the hopes and dreams I started out with for M and M.  Probably because they are getting past the toddler/preschool age and starting to make real, independent decisions.  I’m searching for signs that we are doing what we set out to do.

When I think about these hopes the list is long.  I hoped (and still hope) for them to be creative, independent, confident, kind, honest, and open.  I hoped for them to be happy, grateful, and funny (since we love a great sense of humor around here).

There is one thing that isn’t on the list, something I never even considered for them (and yet sometimes I demand it of myself… silly me).  I would not wish for them to be perfect.

With perfection we lose character, we lose learning opportunities, we lose a special beauty that comes with differences.  My wish for M and M is that they strive to do their best, that they are constantly growing and improving, and that they learn to embrace their mistakes.

I’m not perfect… and boy I hope you like me that way!

1.  Sing I’m Not Perfect A LOT.  Because it’s so true, and what better way to learn something than through music? (Even if it is off key and louder than it should be!)

2.  Read books about people who are less than perfect, and talk about how they learn from their mistakes.

3.  BE NOT PERFECT!  Seeing how you handle your imperfections, mistakes and miss steps will help your little one figure out what to do when they aren’t quite perfect.  Admit when you’ve made a mistake and let them know how you plan to handle it.

Have a GREAT not so perfect (but really fun, educational and busy) day!

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  1. I’ll have to listen tomorrow when everyone isn’t asleep. We love Laurie Berkner, but I haven’t heard that one! My oldest child is a bit of a perfectionist, so we talk about how we’re not perfect a lot 🙂

    1. Which is your favorite Laurie Berkner song? I love the idea that it will help your little perfectionist… we use it as a “it’s okay to be in trouble… we’re not perfect”. (Mine aren’t striving for perfection in anything 😉

  2. I have another “not perfect” song that I use with older kids in my music classes (I’m an elementary music teacher.) I find that elementary-age kids are not comparing apples to apples, but are assuming that what they see on TV and other media is truth. They can never measure up to someone that has a hairstylist, dresser, writer, director, and 15 chances to get it right! Here’s a different song, with a similar message:
    Go to http://www.musick8kids.com
    Type “I’m Not Perfect” into the search box in the upper right, then click the search button.
    Click on the song title to listen to the sample (which is most of the song.)
    It’s from Plank Road Publishing, whose main interest is a magazine for music teachers to use in the classroom. However, the kids love the music so much that they make the songs available for kids to purchase for $.99. They aren’t on iTunes or anywhere else, since they are the creators/arrangers of the songs. I use songs like this ALL THE TIME, and it’s a great, searchable collection. In fact, the 2nd graders will have “I’m Not Perfect” in their grade-level program soon.

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