And that’s why I decided to SAY YES

“Mom I want to go to the duck pond before school.” Such a simple request. Except it’s not. By nature I am not a spontaneous person. It’s something I wish came easier to me, but oh man I love my plan. (Surprised?)There are a lot of benefits to being a planner. After all it is my plan that keeps me moving forward, keeps me on task and makes this little blog what it is. But there are wonderful things that happen because of spontaneity. That is why I strive to keep my plan (as well as myself) flexible. I say strive because knowing the importance of handing over the lead and easily relinquishing control are two very different things.


Little M provided me with the perfect reminder of why saying yes to the moment is important. She taught me a lesson that bright sunny morning… one I thought I had already learned. One that I am sure I will need to learn again and again.

Say Yes! Great reminder of why it's important to let the kids lead.

“Mom I want to go to the duck pond before school.” Right off I was prepared to respond with 3 good reasons that it wouldn’t work. Instead of tossing out a quick “No.” I decided to think about my reasons, dissect them. We would need to get ready fast… so what? The dishes weren’t done yet… couldn’t that wait? I didn’t have time to digest the idea… hmmm not my best excuse.

For some reason I decided to say yes. That’s it, no big commitment. No extra thought. Just one simple word. Yes.

We raced through our morning routine. (And perhaps the incentive proved that we don’t need nearly as long as it usually takes us.) We gathered up a few pieces of bread, some clipboards, paper and pencils, all of which were Little M’s idea, and headed out the door.

Say Yes! Great reminder of why it's important to let the kids lead.


While M and M fed the ducks, settled into sketch, and chatted with each other, I had the opportunity to think about what this yes really meant. What had I offered my kids just by saying yes?

What Saying Yes Says to Her

  • By saying yes I allowed Little M to have some control over her schedule, some say in which experiences would begin her day. (Sketching at a duck pond sounds like a brilliant, relaxing way to begin your day… now that I think about it.)
  • By saying yes I allowed for a creative opportunity that fit both her interests and her brothers. (And we all know kids learn best when they are interested and engaged.)
  • By saying yes I validated her suggestion and confirmed her roll as an important contributor in our family.
  • By saying yes I involved her. And by involving her I was offered something wonderful. A chance to see just how amazing, grown up and creative she really is.

Say Yes! Great reminder of why it's important to let the kids lead.


Now it’s your turn. When was the last time you had the opportunity to say yes? Did you take it? 

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  1. Often, it’s so easy to say ‘no’ when ‘yes’ could have been worked into the scenario with greater rewards. Thanks so much for sharing. You’ve reminded me again of this powerful principle.

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