play dough…sensory and COLOR

I love homemade play dough.  For years kool-aid play dough was the only kind I made.  I recently found this awesome recipe and now it’s the play dough I can’t get enough of!

Since we are having fun with colors this week I decided to divide the play dough into separate sections to be colored.

At the last minute I mixed in a few sensory surprises.  A little Peppermint Extract kneeded into the blue play dough.

Sequins folded into the pink play dough.

Left over birdseed mix into the green play dough.

Oats added a nice texture to the yellow play dough.

We used cinnamon in the brown play dough and vanilla extract in the purple play dough.

The very best thing about play dough is that it works for all ages.  Little M pulled out the sequins and used them to decorate a carefully formed sculpture.

J used the play dough as a track for some special vehicles.

This post is a part of Color lesson plan.

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