Toddler Tuesday COLOR…Finger Paint

Yeah for TODDLER TUESDAY!!!  I have been having so much fun with N and J, and I feel so lucky to get the opportunity to share some of the fun things we’re doing with you.

This activity started as Sense of Touch… Reverse Finger Painting.  (I can’t believe how young my Little M looks in this picture!)

I did not have to change the recipe because it was already non toxic finger paint.  YIPPEE!!!

what you need:  cookie sheet ~ recipe ~ smocks

I made the paint ahead of time and made sure to have everything ready to go.  These two don’t like to wait when they know something is coming.J wasn’t interested in using his fingers when we started painting so I gave him a spoon.  He ended up touching the paint quite a bit towards the end.  What an awesome sensory experience.

There was a lot of scooping, dumping, smearing going on.  Do you see the smiles?

Tips (to maximize learning):  1.  For the preschool version I pressed paper on the painting to make a print… no need with toddlers (unless of course you want a picture to keep!)  2.  This paint is non toxic and totally safe to eat (although I’m sure it tastes YUCKY).  Use this as “practice paint” and follow all the same rules you will with real paint.  3.  Toddlers are soaking up words like crazy.  Talk to them while they paint, describe what they are doing and feeling.  This activity lends itself to some wonderful describing words!

Are there any specific activities you would like to see on Toddler Tuesday? Contact me and I will see what I can come up with.

This post is a part of Colors lesson plan and Sense of Touch lesson plan


  1. I was curious, how old are your kids? My daughter will be 2 June 11th, here in a couple weeks and she LOVES playing outside and as no problem with that, but when it comes to getting dirty with paints, food, and things like that, she gets freaked out. Is that normal? Is that a phase that goes away? It makes it REALLY difficult when I want to do finger painting and things of that nature so I was just wondering if you had any advice 🙂 Thanks so much!

    1. Mine are 6 and 5. Getting “freaked out” about dirty and messy play is TOTALLY normal! My kids have always really liked getting messy so I don’t have personal advice for you… and I want you to get the best advice possible. Do you mind if I post this question on my Facebook page? I will ask it as a “Reader Question” and hopefully we will get a ton of ideas from Moms in the same boat as you!

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