10 Me Time Activities You Can Do With the Kids

Okay, okay I heard you. Even though the 20 me time activities are easy and even though I told you exactly how to squeeze them in… you still have a reason that you simply cannot find time to do something for you.

Either your spouse travels for work or you’re a single parent or you homeschool so you’re literally with the kids every second of the day…

I get it, I do. It’s hard for you to find the time, even though you think it’s important. It just isn’t easy to actually make it happen.

Mom time with kids

The coffee mug coloring sheet is from Moms and Crafters and the owl coloring sheet is Made by Joel.

I decided to give you another list of Me Time activities. And this time I left no room for excuses. These activities can all be done with the kids! That’s right. So pull up a chair next to your little one…

It’s time you claimed a little space just for you. Right in the middle of everything.

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10 Me Time Activities You Can Do With the Kids

  • Coloring. Grab some fancy colored pencils and grown-up coloring sheets (check out these beautiful animal designs).
  • Drawing. Learn how to draw right along with your kids by watching Art for Kids Hub videosRob is a fantastic teacher and works with his kids. It’s the perfect way to learn a skill together.
  • Play games. And I am not talking about Candy Land. Sure those kid games can be fun, but there is no reason that you can’t start teaching them how to play some of your favorite games. (Here are a few family games I love.)
  • Dance. Just turn on the music and dance. The kids might join in… they might not. I bet you’ll have a blast either way.
  • Free Build with LEGO. This one would not be my first choice, but there have been days when I catch hubby still working on a creation long after the kids have moved on.
  • Create something beautiful. Do an art project with the kids that takes a little extra love from you. These sun catchers from Hands On As We Grow are so pretty and so fun to make.
  • Learn some new hairstyles for your kids. Have fun learning and practicing some new hairstyles… only if the kids are excited about it too, of course.
  • Read. Pick a book to read aloud to the kids that you enjoy as well. What Do We Do All Day is my go-to for book lists. Her descriptions make it easy to pick a book that will entertain everyone.
  • Walk. Put the kids in a stroller or find a park that has a play space near a walking space.
  • Paint. Check out a book about painting from the library and get yourself acrylic paint. Then settle in right next to your little ones when they paint.

What would you add to the list? Do you have a favorite activity that fills you up and can be done with the kids? 


  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my coffee cup coloring sheets!Some great ideas here. I am a huge believer in the importance of moms taking time for themselves. I think we need reminders like this that it doesn’t need to contradict our parenting, and it can even enhance it!

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