5 Tips for Connecting When On The Go

As we get our footing into this new year I’m paying special attention to how our family connections are going. What parts of our everyday life could use a little more intentional connecting? Where can we add in a little quality time?

For us it’s the rush from school to whatever fun after-school activity is planned. The kids are tired and a bit cranky, they need a mix of rest, food and love to reboot their spirits.

Today I’m teaming up with Tree Top to help you find fun ways to connect while on the go and to share the Tree Top #Hangry2Happy giveaway (check out the details at the bottom of the post).

#3 Get hooked on an audio book together

5 Tips for Connecting On The Go

Be ready with some fun after-school questions. The car is the perfect place to get the kids talking. Even a short ride between activities can help you find out just how your kid’s day is going so far. Probe for a little more than a “fine” with these 10 unique after-school questions. “Who did you laugh with?” is one of my favorites!

Make a quick snack extra special. Instead of gobbling up a between activity snack while driving, find a quiet place to stop. A neighborhood park or even the back of a parking lot can be extra special if you make it all about being together.

Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches are perfect for on-the-go snacking. They can help relieve the grumpiness that happens when kids are hungry (or as Tree Top says “hangry”). They are mess-free, taste great and are made with pure USA-grown fruit and local ingredients. No spoon? No problem! Pouches are squeezable and fun, making them the perfect way to refuel before the next activity.

Listen to an audio book together. Find an audio book that all of you will enjoy. (Yes Mom even you!) Having something special to listen to makes the in between time something to really look forward to. The bonus is diving into an exciting story together is an easy way to connect. You’ll automatically have something to talk about. We find our favorite audio books at the library.

Rock out to some new genres of music. Use these bits of car time to try something new together. Make a list of music genres and work your way down the list. Have some fun finding out what everyone likes and what everyone can live without! You might even find a new favorite.

Pack some favorite play things… in a car friendly way. What is the toy of choice at home? Dolls? Building Blocks? Crayons? Get creative and find fun ways to make these toys easy to play with while driving from school to the next fun thing. Use this time to listen to them play, ask questions and join in.

Tree Top #Hangry2Happy

Tree Top #Hangry2Happy Giveaway

We all know that our kids have those moments when they become irritable as a result of feeling hungry. Tree Top calls those moments the “hangry” times and they know just how to avoid them! Tree Top Apples Sauce Pouches are a quick and mess-free solution.

Tree Top wants to see how you help your kids overcome those stressful times! Share a photo of your child’s “hangry2happy” moment on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Make sure to use the #Hangry2Happy hashtag and tag @TreeTopInc in your post, so they can check it out.

Enter to win one kids backpack, filled with Tree Top applesauce pouches. (Approximate Retail Value of $50.) View the Rafflecopter below to see how to enter.

Hangry2Happy thanks to Tree Top!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You’ll be entered to win one of eight survival kit backpacks full of Tree Top apple sauce Pouches, so you’ll be ready when your kids reach their limit and desperately need a snack. We’ve all been there, and Tree Top wants to help you take your kids from hangry to happy! Official sweepstakes rules can be found here: on.fb.me/1kTw5b5

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tree Top.


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