2016 Reading Challenge for Kids

At our house getting the kids to read is one of our constant struggles. They love being read to (YAY!) but when it comes to picking up a book on their own they are less than excited. I’ve tried many things… creating fun book reports, having our own little family book club, learning how to choose the right level books, and on and on and on.

Reading Challenge for Kids (love that it's printable!)

Some of the things I’ve tried have worked really well… and some of them flopped. The one consistent thing in our reading story is that I have not given up. I don’t plan on giving up anytime soon. If there is a chance for me to raise people who love reading, it will happen.

I came across this really great read harder challenge for 2016. It’s meant for adults but the idea is so much fun! I decided to create a reading challenge for kids inspired by Book Riots challenge. (If you are looking for a challenge for yourself the read harder list is so cool!)

Reading Challenge for Kids (love that it's printable!)

  1. A book with a character who is the same age as you.
  2. A picture book.
  3. A book recommended by a friend.
  4. A non-fiction book about your favorite animal.
  5. A fiction book about that same animal.
  6. A book with a character who has a different family life than you.
  7. A book of short stories.
  8. A biography.
  9. A book one of your parents liked when they were younger.
  10. A book that teaches a skill.
  11. An article out of a magazine.
  12. A book published the year you were born.
  13. A book that inspired a movie.
  14. A graphic novel.
  15. A book with folktales, fairy tales or fables.
  16. The first book of a series.


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