Printable Book Report Template… Fun Reading Activity for Kids

I have been busy brainstorming ways to get M and M excited about reading on their own. We do plenty of reading activities and this one just seemed to be a perfect fit for our new independent readers. I decided to create a printable book report template that I could easily print out for them when they reach the end of the book. (And since I was doing it for myself… well you know… I did it for you too! 😉 )

Another great way to get kids excited about reading is audiobooks. We get a lot from the library but we also love Audible. You can try Audible and get two free audiobooks. (affiliate link)

Great idea! Printable book report template for kids... free printables.

6 Printable Book Report Templates

I made them very simple. After all we want this to be fun right! I made 6 different templates. They all ask for Title, Author and Illustrator. They all have a place for notes. But the bottom half of all 6 is different.

Click here to get your printable book report templates.
Great idea! Printable book report template for kids... free printables.

Character Book Report will help kids become even more familiar with the characters they are reading about. This one would be great for book series where the characters are the same in every book.

Draw a Picture Book Report has a space at the bottom for drawing a picture of a scene in the book. If you have younger kids or kids who are resistant to writing this would be the best one to use.

Great idea! Printable book report template for kids... free printables.

Author Highlight Book Report gives kids the chance to learn more about authors they like. (And give you a good list of books to look for on your next Library Tour.)

New Ending Book Report requires the reader to get creative! Kids who like storytelling will love changing the ending to their favorite story.

Great idea! Printable book report template for kids... free printables.

New Words Book Report will be perfect for kids who like to learn new things (um, I think that’s all kids).

Blank Book Report. Use this one to tailor the experience to your little one’s interest. Make up your own or use one of these ideas…

  • Make a timeline of the events in the story.
  • Create an award for one of the characters. What type of award do they deserve?
  • Using what you know about the setting make a map for the character to follow.
  • Cut pictures and words out of magazines. Make a collage based on the story.
  • Write a postcard to one of the characters OR write a postcard from one of the characters.

There are a few different ways you can use these print outs.

  • Print all 6 and have your little one fill them out in order, then start at the beginning again.
  • Use the book report that best fits the book your little one is reading.
  • Let your kids choose which book report they want to use for each book.
  • Give your kids a book report at the beginning of the book so they can fill it out as they go.
  • Save all the book reports and make a book out of them at the end of summer.

One of my kids favorite ways to enjoy books is audio books. We get a lot from the library but we also love Audible. You can try Audible and get two free audiobooks. (affiliate link)

This book report post originally appeared May 24, 2013.


  1. Thank you for the ideas! I have little ones (1 & 2), so I have enrolled them in our local library summer reading program. I plan on making an activity/craft after every book that we read together.

    1. Dena,
      Oh 1 & 2. You’re busy. 🙂 I love the idea of doing a craft or activity after books your read with them… it’ll be a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Pulling ideas out of books is one of my favorite things to do.

      1. There is an actual curriculum that you can by called “Five In A Row” that plans all those things for you. Like Crafts, Art, Language, Math…. It is really neat they have it for all ages. Just thought I would throw that out there to your readers. 🙂

  2. I love these templates they are great. Unfortunately my youngest is 5 so don’t know how well this would work for her. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I just have to say that I LOVE these book reports. I am incorporating these into the learning folders I have made for my 4, 6, and 8-year-olds for the summer, and they love them. Anytime I can get my children to respond to writing or make a connection to the text through writing or drawing, they take away more for the text. The book reports help them to do that.

  4. Great ideas for book reports. I wanted my daughter to also give each story she read a ranking. So I had her number your little paper kids cut out picture on the template from 1-7 and then she had to give the book a ranking from 1-7 by circling that number.

  5. May i sue the form of book report for our kids in the academy in south korea^^
    We’re going to use book flix program from Scholastic publisher.
    I would be highly appreciated if our kids can use the form.

    1. Is it just for personal use or will you be selling it? If you are using if for a class or group I would love for you to use it! If you are going to sell it then I would say no. Thanks for asking!

  6. I really like these book reports. I’m going to offer two at a time as choices to my first graders so they can pick the one they want to do. Your additional ideas are wonderful! Thank you for sharing these.

  7. Love these. My girls are avid readers but need to work on their writing skills. At the very least these will give us some conversation topics for books we read together and help them share the books they read on their own.

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