9 Team Building Activities for Kids

How are your kids getting along so far this summer? With all of this extra together time, sibling love can turn into sibling rivalry pretty quickly. M and M have been getting along pretty good so far, although the loving-wrestling-turned-painful-battle thing is driving me crazy.

When I started rounding up team building activities for kids my thought was these activities could turn a yucky sibling situation around. But the more I found, the more I realized these activities will encourage the kids to work together and strengthen their sibling relationship no matter how great it already is.

Bring on the sibling team building!

9 team building activities for kids... think siblings!

Movement Team Building Activities for Kids

  • Teamwork Relay – Confidence Meets Parenting. This relay was from a couple of years ago. It was a big hit and is on our summer bucket list for sure!
  • Stretch Band ActivitiesKids Activities Blog. I love this idea that uses a tool to encourage cooperation. They’ve used a band that you can buy, but I bet you creative parents can think of something that you have at home that would work. (They’ve also included 4 games to play!)
  • Water RelayLearn Play Imagine. Another great relay, this one involves water. FUN!

Art Team Building Activities for Kids

  • Maps and MazesTeach Preschool. The teachers made this really cool maze (you’ll have to click through to see it) but I’m thinking a sibling duo (or trio or… ) would have a great time creating the maze and then using it together. I love how big the box is because it forces the kids to work together.
  • Drawing GamesWhat Do We Do All Day. I just found this the other day and we’ve already had a great time playing. What a great way to have some silly sibling time.
  • Roll a Face Drawing GameDrawing How to Draw. This game is sure to get everyone laughing!

Brain Games Team Building Activities for Kids

  • Saving Sam – All 4 the Love of Teaching. This activity is designed for a classroom BUT it’s also perfect for an afternoon family challenge.
  • Build a TowerCaring for the Kids. This team building activity is so much more than building a tower. (Again designed for a classroom, but perfectly wonderful for at home.) The post starts with a video. It’s short… you should watch it.
  • Secret Code for KidsHands On: As We Grow. Secret codes and anything else spy-like is a winner around here. It would be fun to have one sibling create the code and the other sibling crack it. Or if Mom makes the code and they have to work together to solve it.

What activities do your kids enjoy together?

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  1. Many thanks for this one. As team player here in Slovenia, I must confess you did the right explanation. Thank you.

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