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When encouraging sibling love the books we read play a big part. I stay away from books where siblings are constantly fighting or disrespectful.

When I find a book that highlights the beautiful side of brother and sister relationships, they become instant favorites!

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Stella, Queen of the Snow
by Marie – Louise Gay

Stella is exactly the type of role model you want for your oldest sibling. Sam follows her from adventure to adventure. He questions her over and over about how the world works. She answers him with her young wisdom and then suggests the next activity. Sam and Stella do not have exactly the same interests (how many siblings do) but they find something to do right next to each other. Talking the whole time.

Stella, Queen of the Snow has beautiful bright pictures. With two to three sentences per page, it’s perfect for reading to toddlers and preschoolers (although my soon to be kindergartner and first grader love it as well.) Stella and Sam have an entire series. I can’t wait to read more!

Invisible Stanley

Invisible Stanleyby Jeff Brown

Grandma found a big box of books at a garage sale. It is full of incredible books that we are still working our way through. This one came from that box. Invisible Stanley alone was worth the $5 she paid for the entire box. (SCORE!) We sat down and read the entire book cover to cover in about 2 hours. It is a chapter book, but it’s a small one. What a great introduction to chapter books for early readers.

Invisible Stanley is about a boy who becomes invisible. While it’s neat at first he quickly becomes tired of being bumped into and forgotten about. His little brother, who is along for the adventure, tries to be as helpful as possible but becomes a little jealous of all the attention Stanley receives. What I love is that their mother does not ignore their feelings or insist on a solution. She guides them towards helping each other, and in the end, Stanley helps his brother step into the spotlight and his brother helps Stanley become visible again. We don’t always have to love everything about our brother or sister, but respect and empathy will go a long way towards a lifelong friendship.

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The Missing Mitt (Hardy Boys: Secret Files)By Franklin W. Dixon

My kids love a good mystery and judging by the amount of mystery book series there are… mine are not the only ones. The Hardy Boys are two brothers in search of a mystery to solve. Each brother has his own strength and skill set, but they work together trying to figure out the mystery at hand. The books boast kind and respectful behavior. (What mama wouldn’t love that?)

These chapter books are a little longer than Invisible Stanley, but still, have enough pictures to keep new readers moving along.

Magic Tree House

And the review wouldn’t be complete without bringing up our favorite sibling duo. Jack and Annie from Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne have become permanent fixtures in our house for a couple of years now. Read my review and check out our homemade magic tree houses.

What sibling books do you love?

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  1. Thanks for the tips, 4 years between my two and it’s hard to get the eldest to see past the chaos his younger brother creates and have him help, encourage and nurture him instead of shun him! Will definitely check out the Stella and Sam books. I also love the Charlie and Lola books, Charlie is such a great big brother to his quirky little sister!

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