Super Simple Mother’s Day Ideas (for you to pass on to Dad)

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Last year I shared with you my clever idea for making sure I got a homemade Mother’s Day gift. I thought I would do the same thing again! After all if Daddy isn’t on Pinterest how will he ever come up with an easy yet adorable homemade Mother’s Day gift?

Read over the list (add a link in the comments if there’s something you would love) and send this post right on over to Hubby… I promise to keep it SIMPLE!


Great simple Mother's Day ideas.


Simple Mother’s Day Ideas

Hand Print Photo
Hand Print Bouquet
Mother’s Day Money Tree
Mother’s Day Cards
Finger Print Canvas
Mother’s Day Vase
Watercolor Mother’s Day Cards
Photo Puzzle Magnet
Mother’s Day Interview Booklet (Free printable)
Home made Bath Salts

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