5 reasons I won’t be going screen free


here's why I won't be going screen free

 5 reasons I won’t be going screen free

1. I like to shower in peace.

2. I’m not a follower. Actually I’m totally a follower but I don’t want anyone else to think I’m a follower. I usually wait until something isn’t popular anymore before jumping in. I’ll probably do screen free week next month.

3. It’s a time suck and every once in awhile my time needs to be sucked into nothingness.

4. It would really clog up my DVR… just sayin.

5. I would miss my friends. What if I didn’t see the latest engagement, gym update or yummy lunch report?

It’s true that we are not participating in screen free week, but it isn’t for any reason other than that the only person in our house that needs it is me. We are constantly evaluating and reevaluating our limited screen time throughout the year. We are very comfortable with the amount M and M use their screens.

Although I love a good crime show, my screen time issues are work related (and that’s an entire different post)! A week off would only put me behind.

So although we won’t be participating we are cheering on those who are.

Are you participating in screen free week… if so GET OFF THE COMPUTER!



  1. We, too already have limited screen time. We do screen-free weeks when we vacation. I don’t feel the need to do it this week though.

  2. I am so glad you wrote this! That is the same reason I am not. I need my news fix in the morning and some down time in other parts of the day if it is a rough day! I too like to keep up with my friends. I limit my children’s screen time already. Most days they never watch any shows. Vacations are almost always screen free! Thanks for lifting some of the guilt off of me!!

  3. We’re not screen free this week either. I wanted to participate but I have a nine day old and a two year old. I need a little screen time while we adjust! Maybe I’ll join you next month.

  4. We don’t participate either. I’ve never really limited screen time at all because I’ve never had to. My 6 year old has always been pretty good about watching when he wants, and then turning off the tv (or video games) when he’s had enough and heading outside or into his room to play.

    1. That’s awesome! The added bonus is that your little one is in charge and will grow knowing how to monitor his own screen time.

  5. We’re not screenfree – we were limiting screen time a bit more than normal this week (kind of incidental just because the weather is so nice and we want to be outside)… but now I have a sick child so it means we’re watching TV snuggled on the sofa and I’m on the computer

    1. AHHH YOU HAVE COMMENT LUV!!!!! Yeah! I just emailed them but haven’t heard back… maybe they fixed something.

      Hope your sick one feels better soon (and glad to know I’m not the only one who works while snuggling a sicky.)

  6. LOL! I’m not screen free either…but I totally was for a week in March. 😉 My kids are pretty much always screen free during the week so my first grader thought they should get to watch TV all week instead!

  7. There is a fellow named Paul Miller who works for The Verge who has sworn off the Internet for a year & has been blogging about it. (Don’t worry he gets others to post it online for him)

  8. Sweet, you made me giggle. I am all about temperance and limiting screen time. As for screen free, not a chance. Admiring wonderful people who do it is totally great while sitting back in my lazy boy after the kids are in bed, watching TV while reading articles on the ipad!

  9. Our screen time policy has recently shifted from 2 hours per day to less restricted (no real hour limit in place) but in order for screen time 60 minutes of play must be accomplished after school every day. No play = no screen time. So far we have managed to get our son to choose bike riding over the kindle fire and television more frequently then we had ever before. We chose to go away from screen time after listening to a study they presented on NPR about a month ago. As for a screen free week, I was unaware this was happening so I guess we will be a week behind. Does that make us hipsters since we aren’t following the crowd?

    1. You don’t like having races through the kitchen and a little one hanging on your leg while you cook? Hmmm.. 🙂 Cooking in peace is a good one!

  10. Thank you so much for helping me feel better about not wanting to participate in this whole thing. We are so careful about what the girls watch, what we watch I don’t see the point in having a special week on it in the house. I need the screen for my sanity just to give me a break as I’m the only one home with the kids for over half the week as my husband works away from home.

  11. Ok, as a mother NO screen time would equal a crazy, depressed, very lonely mother and a house even messier than what it is now. Although I commend the super heroes who do it! I could never get a meal complete without at least a little help from Elmo (or Mickey). My kid is attracted to the stove like a little bug zapper. But honestly, I spent MONTHS and months trying to teach my daughter numbers and letters. Our sesame street friends cemented it in there in just a couple days. I think we are doing ok with a little screen time.

  12. Ha! I just posted about the same topic this afternoon (but your post is much funnier!) It is unrealistic to be screen-free. It’s all about balance (and a peaceful shower.) Thanks for the reality check.

  13. I like to shower in peace, too. Or go to the bathroom. Or not be in the same space as my two year old occasionally. Also, he’s on a hunger strike since…. forever, and the only way to trick him into eating a decent amount of okay food is if he isn’t actually paying attention to the fact that he’s doing it. Remind me of this when I worry about his obesity later in life…

  14. haha how about because I don’t want to! 😛 I’m not paying a ridiculous cable/internet bill so I can not use it for a week. Besides, most people don’t spend their entire day in front of the screen. I just don’t think I would enjoy it much.
    I’m glad you posted this! Maybe some of the people who are screen free will see it when they come back. 🙂

  15. When I read “going screen free,” I thought you were referring to window screens. I spent a confused moment trying to imagine why one would wish to allow bugs in, and what was so wrong with mesh window screens.

  16. Love your honestly. I’ll be sharing next week on our site at the end of our screen free week the reasons why my kids are allowed to have some screen time and some reasons why we all need to stop and take a moment to remind ourselves how much time is really enough. Unfortunately with babysitters, extended family members and families in a variety of situations TV becomes something more than it was ever meant to be, especially during summertime. You know that family or you taught that child. For me participating this week not only is for my family to get Plugged into LIFE but also as knowledgeable parents to extend our understanding to those around us to make sure healthy habits are set up early with this ever growing digital world around our kids. {clearly I even snuck in some screen time this evening to write this, sometimes mommies and daddies need reminders of how much time they are online in front of thier kids, especially me and my iphone, just makes it too tempting}

  17. No screen-free week here. Technology has a big impact in our preschool and pre-k classrooms, especially later in the afternoons. The students look forward to using my tablet and learn a great deal from the educational learning apps. That is just one way to teach young children at their own levels and interests.

  18. What a great post!! We no longer do the screen free week. As the weather gets nicer, I find the screen time goes down. I also find my daughter likes it as background noise but uses her imagination in many ways most kids do not.

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