Mother’s Day Ideas (for Hubby to use)

Mother's Day

Dear Hubby,

Since the kids were little I have made sure to create homemade kid gifts for every occasion.  The kids and I have worked together to make you and every Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle a stock pile of personalized keepsakes.  This Mother’s Day I want to be on the receiving end of the homemade kid gift.

While you are a wonderfully thoughtful gift giver, it is really a kid made trinket that will make my Mother’s Day extra special this year.  I have included of list of 4 easy kid gifts (with links to their easy to follow directions) I would love to unwrap.  Of course if you have your own idea please go ahead and get creative.

This incredibly cute mini book tutorial includes printouts to make this kid DIY extra simple.  Plus you can probably find everything you need in our art cabinet… just ask the kids where to find it. (The Creative Place)

I don’t have an old pocket watch but this accordion style photo album is so cool I wish you had time to track one down.  Hmmm I bet you could figure out a creative way to make it work with stuff in our recycle box! 

You know how Little M loves to make tiny art.  I was getting tired of finding tiny art EVERYWHERE so a few weeks ago I asked her to tape them into a notebook for me so they will be safe and sound.  She liked the idea but picked that really old, used notebook that I should have trashed a long time ago.  (You know the one.) These Children’s Art Jotters would a perfect place to collect her tiny art! (Artful Adventures)

I have always wanted a special pendant to hang from the car mirror, but since it’s OUR car and not MY car I have avoided putting anything girly there.  (You’re welcome).  I think these finger print pendants are something we could both enjoy… don’t you?  You will have to go to the store for these items, but buy extra sculpey so I can play with it too! (A Girl and A Glue Gun)

Oh wow!  Now I’m even more excited about Mother’s Day.

Thanks Babe,


p.s.  If you want me to leave the house for a while so you can work in secret just let me know.  I think I can find somewhere to go. 🙂






  1. I came to say thanks for the link, but now I’ve fallen all sorts of in love with this idea!
    I am thinking I need a list for gifts and breakfast 🙂

    I shared on Facebook and will have to throw it in our newsletter too, they’ll love it!

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