3 must watch Google+ Hangouts

Every once in a while blogging has an added advantage… motivation. I’ve been meaning to check out this new Google+ Hangout On Air thing for a while but haven’t gotten around to it. As soon as I decided you should hear about it, BAM suddenly I have the time. So this little treat today is for you and me.

I spent the morning searching for Hangouts I thought would be perfect to share, I didn’t have to look far. If you’re not on Google+ don’t worry, I added the videos right here for you to watch.

If you are on Google+… let’s chat! I’m a newbie over there and would love to have some newbie buddies.


These awesome parenting hangouts cover Reading, Science and Outside activities!


Challenging Advanced Readers

This Hangout is fantastic if your kids excel at reading but I think everyone can benifit from it. I do not have advanced readers and I was jotting notes like crazy!  The tips Kim and Amanda (The Educatiors Spin On It) offer are practical and easy to implement. It’s 22 minutes long and worth taking the time to really focus. Get the kids settled, grab a notebook and enjoy!

[embedit snippet=”challenging-advanced-readers-hoa”]

Science at Home

Science at home… yep the name tells you what you can expect. Four of my favorite Mommy Bloggers have gotten together to help parents see just how easy science at home can be. For this video they are sharing ideas for making bridges. Make sure to check out the entire Science at Home series.

[embedit snippet=”science-hoa”]

Kindness to the Earth

This Hangout is lighthearted and fun. It’s also just in time for spring. All four of these crafty Moms share a fun (and simple) activity that celebrates the Earth. LOVE IT! Megan (Coffee Cups and Crayons)has lots of videos you don’t want to miss!

[embedit snippet=”kindness-to-the-earth-hoa”]
If you have a HOA for parents that you want to share leave it in the comments!

What did you learn? Which video was your favorite? 


  1. What a fun idea for a post!!!! Thanks so much for including ours! I LOVED the other two too! What a great way to get the word out about how much fun HOAs can be! You rock!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing our Hangout about Challenging Readers! You just reminded me to do a follow up with our tips written down for parents to take with them to the library. Hopefully sometime soon we can sit down and have a hangout with you! Google Hangouts are becoming such a great tool to share information and the series you’ve mentioned we LOVE!

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