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Carolyn from The Pleasantest Thing is here today talking about something I know we all love. Lego activities for kids! Along with really great Lego ideas Carolyn shares wonderful playful learning ideas. Make sure to check out her site.  

I’m excited to be posting here! LEGO activities are a favorite at my house, and I love all the LEGO ideas Jillian shares!

LEGO challenge games are one of our favorite boredom busters. They are require very little setup and they are always a hit with my kids.

You can get copies of my free LEGO challenge printables to use in the game, but it’s also easy to make your own. You can just write them down on pieces of paper. You can surprise your child, or you can come up with them together!

Creating LEGO Challenge Games - easy boardem buster

Once you have several challenges, put them into a paper bag. Grab a couple of LEGO baseplates and your LEGO bricks. Then take turns reaching into the bag and creating your challenges!

Need some inspiration to get started? A Mom With a Lesson Plan has lots of challenge ideas! Here are a few other ideas to try out. Build:

  • a go-kart
  • your favorite thing at the playground
  • a birthday cake
  • a bird’s nest
  • a robot
  • a scene from your favorite story

Carolyn is the writer at The Pleasantest Thing, a website focusing on play and learning. With two little boys on the go, her activities are created with busy moms and active kids in mind. Connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, or Twitter!


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