Flashlight Games and Activities the Whole Family Will Love

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Summer break has barely started here (we’re less than a week in) and we’ve already had a couple of late nights out back. M and M love bringing out flashlights when the sun goes down. I wanted to add to the flashlight fun so I went in search of some flashlight games and flashlight activities.

What I found makes me want to stock up on flashlights (and batteries of course). EVEREADY® flashlights or EVEREADY® Gold® batteries are affordable enough to buy extra’s.

These activities will be great for backyard play after dark AND cool inside days when it’s too hot to go out.

Flashlight games and activites - love this list! # 5 sounds so fun

Fun Flashlight Games that will get Everyone Moving

  1. Flashlight Tag – wiki How has a great set of instructions for two types of flashlight tag. They both sound like a lot of fun.
  2. Flashlight Monster – This is a game that Hubby plays with M and M. It’s one of their favorite ways to play with a flashlight. One person has a flashlight and the other people hide. The “monster” makes a spooky shape with his hand, shining the light just above it so that the shadow is huge. (see top left picture). Then the “monster” chases the kids around. Everyone screams and laughs… of course.
  3. Treasure Flashlight Scavenger Hunt – I love this flashlight scavenger hunt from Happily Ever Mom. She played inside but this would be easy enough to move outdoors.
  4. Flashlight Limbo – Why haven’t I thought of this! Great idea Spoonful.
  5. Firefly – We don’t have fireflies around here, but this flashlight game from Spoonful, is so cool I can’t wait to try it. I’m thinking an all out firefly theme… with books and art activities.

 Flashlight Activities

  1. Learn How to Make Shadow Puppets with your Hand – This post from Sweet Happy Life. has a great picture with an example of how to make 15 animals with your hands. I love the video that shows what’s possible when a group of people work together to make scenes.
  2. Easy Shadow Puppet TheaterInner Child Fun made a simple puppet theater and shadow puppets. I’m thinking it would be great for rest time.
  3. Set up a fort. Make sure to use heavy blankets so that it’s really dark inside the fort. Leave a basket of books and a flashlight for some special reading time. EVEREADY® wants to add to your home library. Get a free Scholastic book when you buy two specially marked packs of EVEREADY® flashlights or EVEREADY® Gold® batteries.
  4. Morse Code with Flashlights – Morse code?!?! This idea from Education.com is so fun. The kids would have a great time creating messages and working together.
  5. Make a Flashlight Constellations – The sky is one place we haven’t touched on, mostly because I don’t know much about it. Flashlight constellations would be a great way to introduce the topic and gauge the kids excitement. I love how Handmade Charlotte made hers

Here are 5 more fun flashlight games for kids!

Now all we need is a basket of flashlights!

More on EVEREADY® and their commitment to a summer full of reading.

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  • Choose from some of my favorite books: Fly Guy vs. The Fly Swatter, Clifford Sees America & The Magic School Bus Takes a Moonwalk.

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What is your favorite way to play with flashlights?

Thank you EVEREADY® for prompting and sponsoring this really fun post!


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