15 Spooky Halloween Science Experiments & Activities

If your house is anything like my house, Halloween talk starts happening in September. The kids (and hubby) have already decided what costumes they want and kid made Halloween decorations start filling the walls long before I’m ready for it.

This year I think I’ll play along (have you seen the printable Halloween lunch box jokes I made?) I’m rounding up a few Halloween science experiments that I know the kids will love. I’ll buy the stuff we need early… but I’m sticking to my rule that Halloween doesn’t happen until October!

halloween science experiments!


5 Dry Ice Halloween Science Experiments

The only experience I have with dry ice is packing a cooler with it. I know it was easy to buy (a local grocery store is always stocked with it), I also know you have to be careful with it but that’s about all I know. These science activities have me ready to jump right in! I’m thinking family dry ice experiment day. Doesn’t that sound fun?

  • Tinkerlab has a great simple activity for exploring dry ice with younger kids.
  • Steve Spangler has a fantastic Boo Bubbles set that includes everything you need (except the dry ice of course). The set even has step by step instructions that explain the science behind the fun. This is an affiliate link.
  • You can use dry ice to explode a balloon or a sandwich bag like Come Together Kids did.
  • While doing their Halloween science experiments, Urth Mama used a straw cup to move the dry ice smoke.
  • These dry ice tips from Steve Spangler will make me feel much more comfortable with the experimenting.

5  ways to play with Pumpkins

  • Our rotting pumpkin experiment is still one of my favorites!
  • This pumpkin sensory experience from Learn Play Imagine is incredible. I bet the kids would be entertained for hours.
  • Every year since Big M was a baby I have bought little pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn to set up as a playful decoration. I love the way they look and I love way the kids explore them. Using them for play, for art and for pretending. Twodaloo added something to this simple exploration activity. Foil! Awesome!
  • Create an optical illusion with this pumpkin/jack o’ lantern trick from KC Edventures.
  • I saw this idea last year (a little too late into the season) and I’m thrilled to have found it again (early this time). Coffee Cups and Crayons used uncarved pumpkins in a full on pumpkin investigation. This is one of those activities that could be an all day family event. I think I’ll let the kids help decided what type of investigating we do!

5 Super Sweet Candy Halloween Science Experiments

We have a great candy rule at our house. It works really well, leaves the kids in control and me happy with the amount of sugar they are having. It also leaves us with piles of uneaten candy. I don’t want to throw it away… how about we have a little Halloween candy science fun instead? (Okay some of these involve eating candy… they are still going to have way less then if we gave them all of it.)

The hard part is going to figuring out which Halloween science experiments to do first!

Also if you are hosting a Halloween party this year check out Halloween Party Kits for Kids and Adults from Steve Spangler Science. This is an Affiliate link.

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