playable FALL decorations

I love fall… really love fall.  Of course where we live fall lightly touches us.  In fact we’re still wearing our summer clothes and haven’t even gotten out the jackets.  So to get a little fall color (makes it feel a little more “fallish”) I use fall decorations.  I love to fill a basket with pumpkins and dried corn.  The best part is, Little M hasn’t ever been able to keep her hands off these fall decorations.  For the past few years she has carried around the little pumpkins as if they were her prized possessions.  This year she’s a little older, so her pumpkin play changed a bit.

My fall decorations.  Little M’s fall toys.

She stacked.

She designed.

She redesigned.

I think this one was my favorite.

It has been a couple of weeks and we are still seeing fun new sculptures throughout the day.  I am pretty sure Little M with her little pumpkins is a memory that will always make me smile.  (I hope she still loves them next year!)

What is your favorite part of fall


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