make your own SIGHT WORD cards

Now that I have started posting all of these super fun sight word activities, you are probably dying to know how to make your own sight word cards!  Well lucky you… today I’ll show you how I made ours.

Here are the words I (um… I mean Big M) has received so far.  Big M’s school gives out a sheet of sight words ready to be cut.  Go ahead and print them out for yourself!

Red Words
Orange Words
Yellow Words
Green Words
Blue Words
Purple Words 

I cut them into not so perfect rectangles and then used just a tiny bit of glue from a glue stick to attach them to yellow construction paper.

I love contact paper.  It is one item I always have on hand.  I put the sight word cards onto the contact paper face down (that’s the trick to making sure the front is wrinkle free).  Then I cover the back and cut around the cards.

For a few minutes of work we have a set of sight word flash cards.  They are both sturdy and cute… what more could you want?

This post is a part of the Sight Word series.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this resource and ideas for mounting! I started doing sight words recently with my older son, but I hand wrote them on index cards. This idea is much more neat and sturdy (a definite plus because little one loves to grab and squeeze the cards when we go through them!)

    1. They have gotten a lot of use and backing them made it so I don’t worry when they want to add the sight words to their play. Thanks for stopping by!

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