homemade HALLOWEEN paper dolls

This is probably a weird time of year to get immunizations (we call them Kindergarten shots… makes them sound more fun), but that is just what Little M did this week.  She was so brave, and cried only a little.  The shots where not too bad, but the next couple of days were HORRIBLE!  Poor Little M limped around for two days, with a fever and tired eyes (she we didn’t sleep the night she got the shots because of sore shot spots and a fever.)  Well I am happy to report she is back to her singing, twirling self this morning and I think we will head outside for the day!

Proof that we did a lot of snuggling and lying around.  Of course we also did some art!  Homemade Halloween paper dolls.  She even told me I was allowed to participate! Oh I am a lucky mommy.

what you need:  paper ~ markers, crayons or colored pencils ~ scissors

Little M started by drawing a person on a foam sheet (paper actually would have worked better but there was no taking it away once I brought it out).

She added some spooky teeth.

“You can’t help, you don’t know what I want to do.”  Silly me!

Little M has great cutting skills, but for paper dolls the cutting has to be right on the line.  So we switched roles.  I did the cutting she did the picture snapping.

We made a template (so we knew what size the clothes would need to be) and traced it onto construction paper.  *** I should have added the paper doll tags (you know the part the folds around the doll) onto the template. ***

For the second paper doll Little M did the drawing and the cutting.

I did help cut out the Halloween costume.

She even asked me to make a costume… yikes she must have been sick!

This post is a part of the HALLOWEEN lesson plan.

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  1. We don’t have much going on for Halloween down here in Australia, but my little one LOVES an episode of an animation called Timmy Time that is all about Halloween. “Spooky one, Mummy!” she asks. I bet she’d love making these dolls too.

    1. They were so fun to make! When your comment popped up I had to go back and look at the post… seems so long ago. Thanks for bringing that memory front and center!

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