pumpkin HALLOWEEN masks

What does your pumpkin do while it’s waiting to be carved?  Ours play dress up, of course!!!  M and M spent hours making masks for their pumpkins last year.  I thought it was such a great idea I couldn’t wait to watch them do it again this year.

what you need:  pumpkin ~ paper ~ markers (or crayons) ~ yarn ~ scissors

I showed Little M how to measure the size mask she would need for her little pumpkin.

Look at those angry eyes!

Big M cut out his mask and then punched holes on either side.

I tied yarn (measured to fit the pumpkin perfectly) to the holes .  Little M slid the mask onto her pumpkin.  I guess it needed a bit more color.

There you have it… two spooky pumpkins all dressed up with nowhere to go!

What fun stuff does your pumpkin get to do before the big day???

This post is a part of Halloween lesson plan.

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  1. I really like this idea. I would have never thought about doing this. I will definitely be looking for my yarn tonight. My son would love doing this!

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