No Carve Pumpkin Ideas Simple Enough for Kids

It is the middle of September and I’m already holding my family back from going Halloween crazy! Hubby is the ring leader of course. While I could skip the holiday all together, (it’s a week away from my birthday… and that’s one thing I don’t like to share) the truth is, watching the three of them get so excited is pretty fun.

I let Little M pick out pumpkins for her and her brother already… now all I need to do is find some fun ways to use them before carving time!

Check out this great tip to preserve your pumpkins ahead of time.

great list of no carve pumpkin ideas the kids can actually do!

No Carve Pumpkin Ideas Simple Enough for Kids

Of course if a pumpkin or two get dropped in the process you can always turn pumpkin art into pumpkin science! That’s what we did.

What is your favorite no carving pumpkin idea? 


  1. Ongoing project – set out a large pumpkin, golf tees, and a child’s hammer or wooden crab knocker. The kids have fun pounding the tees into the pumpkin.

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