Halloween Book Activity – Mummy Babies

I was flipping through our favorite Halloween books trying to find one that would inspire a Halloween book activity. Stumped, and feeling very uninspired I was about to put them back on the book shelf when Little M yelled, “Mom you forgot to get out Where’s My Mummy!”

Aha! That was it. I knew just how we would bring this book to life.

Super fun and easy Halloween book activity for kids!

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Where’s My Mummy? is written by Carolyn Crimi and illustrated by John Manders. Just as Little Baby Mummy is about to go to bed he heads out into the dark for one last game of hide and SHREIK. (Cute right?) As he travels further from his Mummy he finds strange creatures that would scare us but not this little guy. The story is fun and light and the perfect set up for our ….

Halloween Book Activity – Mummy Babies

The set up was easy, I took an old white sheet and ripped long strips. All we had to do was wrap the “bandages” and tuck them in at the ends.

Super fun and easy Halloween book activity for kids!

Now Little M has a very spooky nursery. I’m sure these mummy babies will be around for a while.

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