Bath Time Storytelling – Halloween style

Right now, I need simple. Quick and easy activities are far more likely to happen then those that take planning and force me to go shopping. I just flat out don’t have the time. There’s nothing easier than storytelling and all you need is a little imagination.

Before bathtime, we’re going on a Halloween scavenger hunt. This will help with the story creation!

Halloween bath time storytelling - easy to prep... love that!

Since Halloween is right around the corner, I grabbed our little stack of foam sheets and started cutting out some spooky shapes. M and M quickly joined me. (I won’t tell you which shapes I cut… and since it’s not obvious, I suppose that lets you know that perfect shapes are not necessary).

This bathtime storytelling activity took 15 minutes to prepare and has entertained them for three-hour bath times. (I love those numbers!)

Halloween bath time storytelling - easy to prep... love that!

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  1. The quick and easy stuff are the things the kids like most, I think. We used to keep the babies quiet in church with a small wallet full of grocery-store loyalty cards they’d take out and put back in!

    Storytelling, too, has no expiration date. Well done!

  2. I agree! Probably because there is so much less stress on them to really enjoy it. (We may not hide it well that we really want them to enjoy the activity we spent hours prepping!)

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