BALLOON storytelling

If you have been here before you likely know that I heart storytelling in BIG way. Well I’ve also been really into balloons lately, so why not combine the two.

 balloon storytelling 3

I blew up a red balloon and grabbed a sharpie. Outside we went.

I wrote words all over the balloon.



Any combination of words would work for this activity. If your kid has favorite toys or characters toss those into the mix.

The game morphed into a few different variations while we played. M and M had a friends over so our kid count was 4. I started of with my set of rules but as the kids made suggestions we changed the game. Kids are so smart. It’s pretty amazing what they come up with when given a little bit of control!

Variation 1 (my idea)

Toss the balloon and read the word closest to you. (Or have someone read it to you). Use that word to create the first portion of a story. Pass the balloon to another player and they add to the story with the word closest to them. This continues until everyone has added to the story.

Variation 2 (Little M’s idea)

Hold the balloon and use whatever words you choose. Since you can’t read the words, and refuse to have them read to you, don’t use the words on the balloon at all. Hee hee… that’s how we roll around here.

Variation 3 (Friend’s idea)

Use every word to make a complete story. Pass the balloon and let the next person do the same.

How does storytelling happen at your house?


  1. Love it! What a great way of getting kids involved in storytelling. Actually, it’s also an easy way to help parents (who might find starting this kind of thing difficult) to start storytelling and making story time interactive.

  2. I have used a similar idea for years using a beach ball. I put a tiny sticker on a finger nail or just say “the pointer finger on the left hand.” The closest word to the finger tip is used in the activity. I don’t know why I never thought to use a balloon which could be easily replaced when we were ready for new words. I also use it for vocabulary activities as well as storytelling. Different expressions are written and the student says a sentence using the chosen expression. Sometimes two words are selected and used in the same sentence.

  3. When I got to the “variation 2” I couldn’t stop laughing. No seriously! That is my 4 y/o to a T!
    What a great idea. I’ll have to use this one in our Pre-k class before the end of the year. Maybe do it using Letters and Numbers.

    1. Great idea to use Letters and Numbers. I had to go back and look… yep she’s still the same. It’s a fun personality to parent.

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