Pumpkin Science … Rotting Pumpkin

We had a little pumpkin drama on the day Little M brought her pumpkin home. No need to point fingers (since the only innocent party was me). When the pumpkin cracked there were tears… and consequences were doled out… but then I had an idea. Why let this sad experience go to waste? Why not turn it into a pumpkin science experiment? A rotting pumpkin science experiment in fact!

Rotting Pumpkin Science

That is just what we did. I brought out our nature journal and we made a few initial observations. We also talked about what we thought would happen to our pumpkin.

While doing this experiment I used scientific words. We recorded our hypothesis, data and even the conclusion.

Fun pumpkin science! Rotting pumpkin.

Day 1…

Fun pumpkin science! Rotting pumpkin. Day 3…  I asked M and M about what they saw, felt and smelled. They loved that part! Especially Little M who loves anything messy.

Fun pumpkin science! Rotting pumpkin.

Fun pumpkin science! Rotting pumpkin.

Day 5…I asked M and M to record their observations by drawing pictures of what they saw.  (It’s so exciting to use a sharpie!) For older kids this would be a great way to get in some extra writing practice.

Fun pumpkin science! Rotting pumpkin. Day 10… I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to stand it.  This one might be a little too gross for me. Kids Activities Blog tried a rotting pumpkin and made it until the bugs came… yikes I don’t know if I could do that!  I love the individual science journal. I’m thinking the kids might get field journals in their stockings this year.

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Have you ever tried letting a pumpkin rot? How did it go for your family? If you haven’t tried it, is this the year?  

This post originally appeared on October 29, 2011.


  1. Just an idea… U could.do it in a corner of your yard and as it decays make notes. The seeds May actually sprout and grow vines or another pumpkin if you are lucky. I will tell you I did this on accident one year. My son stomped our pumkin and it was too gross to pick up. I just ignored it and we ended up with a new one the next year. Very cool.

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