Funny Frog Puns for Kids (with printable)

We hope these funny frog puns make you extra hoppy! Share your own ribbiting puns in the comments.

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Frog Puns

Frog Puns for Kids

  • You’re totally cool.
  • I’ve frogotten all the lyrics
  • Interesting puns, but none of them were ribbiting.
  • You’re hopping mad.
  • Turn on your frog lights, it’s froggy.
  • Frogs are always happy because they eat whatever bugs them.
  • I find you ribbiting.
  • Be careful, it’s frog-ile.
  • It was a frog-ment of my imagination.
  • Can I have a Croke and an order of french flies?
  • Love requires kermitment.
  • The frog was frog-matic.
  • Everyone knows that a frog’s favorite year is leap year!
  • A frog’s favorite car is a green beetle!
  • The poor toad got an hoperation on his appond.
Frog Puns

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